10 Curly Hair Tips

If you have naturally curly hair that tends to look like a lion’s mane on a daily basis, try these tips. Perhaps you’re washing it too often, grooming it incorrectly, or leaving out the styling products.

1) Put coconut oil in your hair before you wash it. Put enough oil to coat your hair, but don’t use enough shampoo to wash it fully out. Coconut oil will add moisture to your hair. Curly hair tends to be drier. If your hair is too dry, it can be prone to frizz.

2) Only brush/comb your hair right before you wash it or when it is wet after you wash it. Do NOT brush/comb your hair on a daily basis like your straight-haired friends because you are dismantling your natural curls. Think about it…  your curly hair is curly because it sticks together when it is dry. As you pull apart the strands with a brush, it becomes fluffier and fuzzier. Unless this is the look you’re going for, don’t do it.

The only times I comb my hair is when it is soaked with conditioner in the shower and again after I get out. After I notice some strands starting to dry, I leave it alone. I don’t try to comb out the tangles again.

3)  Don’t use a hairbrush when you’re grooming your curls. Use a wide-tooth comb or a comb designed for curly hair.

4) If you choose to blow dry your hair, use a low setting. Use a diffuser so that the curls form nicely while they are being dried. If you choose not to use a diffuser, you can blow dry your roots and allow the rest of your hair to air dry.

5) While your hair is damp, put hair products into it. Leave-in conditioner is a must if you haven’t conditioned your hair well in the shower. You should also use products that shape your curls. Some people like gel because it causes the curls to fuse together, but it can make your hair hard and crunchy. For this reason, people use mousse, which creates touchable curls. However, I find that mousse can be too mild on my hair, so I use a mixture of both.

6) Find out what type of curl you have. 2a is wavy, 2b is wavier, and 2c is wavy with a mix of curls. 3a is curly, 3b is curlier, 3c is even curlier with tighter curls. 4a is kinky… etc. Now go google how to care for your particular curl type.

7) Curly hair tends to be drier because the oil from your scalp doesn’t easily reach the ends of your hair. Be sure to moisturize your hair and avoid shampooing it too much if your hair is dry. Everyone’s curly hair is different, so different methods work for everyone. Some people only use shampoo occasionally and mostly use conditioner & leave-in conditioner. Some people use shampoo, but follow with a heavy conditioner and a leave-in conditioner. People might not even use shampoo at all! This is based on your curl type.

8) Styling products with too much alcohol can dry your hair out. Your hair needs to be hydrated in order to look good.

9) At night, braid it and wear a satin sleep cap. Sleeping with your hair loose will likely make it fuzzy.

10) When you’re drying your hair when it is wet, use a soft t-shirt. A towel’s fibers can agitate the curls and pull apart the strands. Learn how to plop your hair by wrapping it up in an old t-shirt in order to help the curls form while they’re drying.

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