10 effective natural home remedies to cure the unpleasant yellowish color of the teeth

Have you sometimes looked in the mirror and you have not been satisfied by the color of your teeth? So, if you have drawn this conclusion, this means that you will strive to make your teeth white, and why not do it by using simple methods? Teeth whitening is a procedure used in both, dentistry and cosmetic dentistry.

The main causes of losing the natural whiteness of the teeth are age, frequent consumption of food and drink that contain different unhealthy colorants, smoking, incorrect dental treatments, excess of consumption of some types of medicines or deficiency of dental hygiene. Teeth whitening treatments are not all the same…. The color of the tooth depends on the composition and structure, as well as on the thickness of each tissue of which it is formed. Next, I will present you the most 10 natural and simple remedies that can be done at home and will help you achieve the whitish color of the teeth.

1. Strawberry
The first remedy is using strawberry fruits. Besides the delicious taste, strawberry fruits are very powerful against yellowish color of the teeth. This is due to the main element of the strawberry fruit – malic acid. Malic acid is an organic acid which is found in abundance in the juices of many plants, but especially in strawberries, apples and grapes. It is a natural remedy that increases the brightness of teeth, being a great whitening solution. To prepare this remedy, you will need to crush 2 medium-sized strawberries into a bowl. Crush until you will obtain a paste. Then add into the bowl a half of tablespoon baking soda and mix everything. Then you can apply this mixture on your teeth and leave it to act for 10 minutes. When time is out, rinse and brush your teeth thoroughly using a toothpaste. Repeat this remedy once in week and not to save the mixture for another day. Use the mixture immediately after preparation, because as the time passes, the malic acid loses its health properties.

2. Apple
Not only strawberries have the propriety to make your teeth whiter. Apples act in a similar way, too. Green apples or their juice are particularly high in malic acid. Apples are able to prevent teeth decay and also they are good refreshers for your breath. Moreover, apples contain a big amount of fiber and water that help at producing saliva in your mouth. In its turn, saliva rinses your month from different types of bacteria and fungus. In this way, apples will keep your teeth white and will protect from diseases or infections. For perfect teeth, you should eat daily at least one green apple. Also, you can cut an apple in more slices and rub with them all your teeth during about 5 minutes. Then rinse and clean your teeth using toothpaste. Repeat this method after every time you feel your teeth are yellowing or from time to time to prevent this condition.

3. Lemon
Another remedy that comes to help us is lemon. The citric acid and vitamin C present in lemon peel and lemon juice contain bleaching agents. Also, lemon juice has the property to protect your mouth from infections and bacteria. For preparing the following remedy, you will need to drain all juice from a half of lemon into a bowl. Soak your toothbrush into it and start brushing your teeth for about 5 minutes and then rinse with cold water. Also, instead of throwing in trash the rest of lemon peels, you can use them by rubbing the teeth, because they are rich in whitening agents. Once done, rinse well and wash your teeth to remove citric acid. Use any of these methods for teeth whitening only twice a week because lemon juice is highly acidic and can cause damage to the enamel. You will observe that in a few months your teeth will be getting shine and healthy.

4. Orange Peel
Like lemon, orange peels are also effective against the unpleasant yellowish color of the teeth. Orange peel is rich in fibers and vitamin C that have the property to destroy all microorganisms from your mouth. More than that, orange peel contains an amount of calcium that contributes to the strengthening and the whitening of teeth. This remedy requests only one orange. Before starting to apply this remedy, wash the orange and carefully remove the orange peel. Use the orange peel to rub the entire surface of your teeth. Rub your teeth for 5 minutes and then you can also rub the tongue for removing the unpleasant breath. After that, rinse and brush your teeth with toothpaste. Remember to brush your teeth after every use of orange peel, because the natural acid that is contained in orange can be dangerous for your teeth. Repeat the same procedure twice a week for about one month and you will be surprised by the result.

5. Neem
Have you ever heard about neem before? Neem is a tree whose leaves are capable to keep the teeth white and also to keep them healthy. In India people are using a paste made from neem leaves. The benefit of this paste is that it protects and protects the gum from infections, eliminates bacteria and fungus, keeps the breath fresh and also keeps the teeth white and healthy. If you want to make such toothpaste, you will need a few leaves of neem. So, take 5 leaves and crush them into a bowl until you will obtain a powder. Then, add two medium-sized cups of water and mix till you will obtain paste. Apply this paste on your toothbrush and rub for 5 minutes. Then thoroughly rinse and wash your mouth with cold water. Use this paste twice a week for about a month and you will obtain shiny teeth.

6. Holy Basil
The next natural remedy that is pretty popular is using holy basil. Holy Basil is a natural antibiotic, antibacterial and antifungal that will protect your gum from infections and diseases. Also, basil relieves pain of the gum, if you will thoroughly massage them with this natural herb. Moreover, holy basil is able to remove the yellow color of the teeth, turning them into white and it is able remove the unpleasant breath. For applying this remedy, you will need to dry basil leaves at the sun firstly. Then, grind them in a bowl until you will obtain powder. Next step, you need to add 1 big cup of water into the bowl and mix until you obtain green paste. Apply this paste on your toothbrush and rub all the surface of your teeth, including your lounge. Rinse and wash your mouth with cold water. Repeat this remedy twice a week and you will be satisfied by the effects of this paste, I guarantee.

7. Banana Peel
It seems to be one of the easiest methods of cleaning teeth. Teeth whitening with banana peel is safe and healthy and also this remedy is an excellent source of minerals and vitamins. The main property of the banana peel is that it is very effective at removing the yellowish color of the teeth. A lot of minerals are present in banana peel like potassium, magnesium and manganese, this being the reason of receiving the whitish of the teeth. This remedy consists of rubbing teeth with a banana peel. It is important to wash the banana peel before starting applying this remedy, because the dirt which is situated on the exterior of the banana peel can easily reach your gum then and cause even more trouble. Using the inside part of the peel, rub the entire yellowish surface of your teeth by rubbing in different directions. Rub from 2 to 5 minutes and then rinse with cold water. Repeat this simple method daily and you will get the white teeth of your dreams.

8. Hydrogen Peroxide
If you are not satisfied with the result of other remedies, you can try another remedy, and namely hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide has a positive effect on teeth, but it can damage pretty bad your lips or gum. This is a powerful remedy, because in its composition is present antibacterial and bleaching properties. Whitening of teeth is possible, because in this product are present oxidants with antiseptic characteristic. But you may ask yourself, why is it so risky to use? Well, using hydrogen peroxide can cause tissue burning and affects fillings. If you want to obtain amazing white teeth without problems, you should buy hydrogen peroxide with a less concentration. Also, before using it, we recommend to dilute it with water. Now, you can rinse your mouth for 1 minute using that solution, then spit. After you spit the hydrogen peroxide from your mouth, wait 1 minute and then you can wash your mouth. The method can be used only two times in a month. Do not abuse!

9. Citrus Fruits
If you have not known, citrus fruits is a perfect solution for obtaining white and shiny teeth. When talking about citrus fruits, we can mention here orange, lime, lemon, citron, clementine, grapefruit, pomelo etc. The main element present in citrus fruits is vitamin C. That is why all citrus fruits are capable to make your teeth whiter. Also, citrus fruits have less concentration of sugar that will not lead to corrosive teeth. There are many methods to get white teeth with the help of citrus fruits. The first method consists of drinking the juice of these fruits. Another method is using the inside part of the peel of any type of citrus fruit. All you need to do is to wash the entire peel of the fruit and, using the inside part, rub your teeth in different directions. Then rinse with cold water. But do not forget that citrus fruits are highly acidic and abusing of them you can just damage your teeth. So, to avoid this unpleasant thing, you should use a citric fruit maximum two times per week.

10. Charcoal
A less known remedy for teeth whitening is charcoal. This is a remedy that is very effective because of potassium and hydroxide contained in its composition. Charcoal is able to absorb tannins and substances that are the main reason of appearance of the yellowish color of teeth. So, charcoal is perfect to make your teeth white. This remedy is natural, so it does not contain chemicals and will not destroy your teeth. To prepare this remedy, you will need to crush charcoal until you will obtain the powder form. Before starting this treatment, rinse your mouth with cold water. Then, put a small quantity of toothpaste on your brush and cover it with some dust of charcoal. Rub your teeth for 3 minutes and then thoroughly rinse your mouth with cold water, no charcoal to remain. This procedure is recommended to repeat only once in a week. So, are you ready to take care of your teeth and achieve perfect white denture?

10 effective natural home remedies to cure the unpleasant yellowish color of the teeth

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