10 Secrets for Having a Superb Hair

We already know the fact that sunrays and wind may affect the beauty of the hair. This is the reason why you need a special product for its protection. Here is what you need to do, so that you can have superb looking hair all the time:

  1. Use products especially designed for hair care. These contain ingredients that hydrate your hair, reveal its shine and protect it against unwanted effects of the sun.
  1. If your hair gets electrified after washing it with shampoo, you can prevent this by applying a hair balm on it in the end. Is your hair thick? Opt for a serum that you apply on the peaks that you will use only after your hair is dry.
  2. It is recommended that you use regenerating treatments or masks once a week or apply on the peaks jojoba or olive oil. Cover your head with a plastic bag and sleep with it overnight. This is the way how you will nourish deteriorated peaks, without needing to be worried about the thickness of your hair.
  3. Try to give up with hair straightening, curling and foehn. If you have curly hair, leave it to dry naturally without combing it and you will obtain some wonderful curls.
  4. When you are going to the beach, you shouldn’t forget about wearing your hat against sunrays. Try to use a hair spray enriched with UV filters. And don`t forget: when you arrive home, the first thing you will do is wash your hair well because water from the swimming pool and salted water both degrade your hair.
  5. Cut your peaks every 6 weeks. During warm periods, your hair grows faster but gets deteriorated quicker in the same time.
  6. If possible, try to keep your hair tight in order to avoid peaks` deterioration and exposure of your entire hair surface to the sun. You can buy for yourself colored clips and clips with big flowers on them that will give you a trendy exotic appearance or you can plait your hair in various ways, as you wish.
  7. During summer, if possible, try to avoid coloring your hair, especially before your holiday. You will only end up with its drying and deterioration, if you still decide to color your hair. In addition, salt, chlorine and sun may easily change the color of your hair. If you still have to color your hair, you should do it with at least 10 days before leaving from home for your vacation to the sea.
  8. The beauty of your hair also comes from the inside. In order to help your hair grow beautifully, it is good to take vitamins and supplements, such as vitamin A or D12. It is also recommended to try consuming protein-rich aliments, like chicken, peanuts, milk or eggs.
  9. Head massage reinvigorates your hair. Therefore, when you have the time, relax with a massage which you should perform with circular movements, starting with your neck to the forehead.
10 Secrets for Having a Superb Hair

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