10 Things about Shaving Your Legs

There are not precisely established some steps in the process of legs shaving. However, we present you 10 facts useful in shaving your legs, which will provide you an easier and best process. These tips will make you want to expose publicly your legs more and more!

1.Exfoliate the skin of your legs for a greater shave: This step is important before shaving. Exfoliation helps to remove dead skin cells that usually clog the razor. This reduces also the risk to get cut. It is enough to use a mild scrub.

2. Lather before shaving: Lather your skin for a qualitative, clean shave. For this, better use shave cream or a little bit of hair conditioner. Soap is not recommended in this case, because it dries the skin. On the other side, the shave cream and the conditioner moisturize your legs and provide a smooth shave.

3.Shaving is a gentle process: Do not use washcloth or loofah after shaving, it can irritate your recently shaved skin, which may lead to the appearance of redness and swelling.

4.Find the product that fits the best your needs: Ensure yourself that the shaving cream you use is just perfect for your skin. If you have dry skin, which can be easily irritated, do not buy products with alcohol or fragrance.

5.Leave shaving for the end of your shower: Shaving is better to proceed when you are ready to finish your shower. The heat and the warm water make softer the strings of hair and open the pores, making your razor slide easier.

6.Shave your thighs, too: The majority of women do not shave the thighs, but this area is also a part of your leg, that is why it should not be omitted. Shave it, too, until it becomes smooth.

7.Longer strokes do not provide a better shave: For the best result, it is recommended to shave short strokes. And there is no need to push too hard. If you feel that your skin is not smooth enough after passing once with your razor over a certain area, then it is time to change your razor.

8.Find the right razor for you: Take some of your precious time and find the shaving tool which will have to be rounded, with a pivoting head and a handle with a soft grip. It also has to have several blades, not to appear the necessity to go over the same part of your leg several times.

9.Moisturize your skin after shaving: Like any part of your body, legs need to be moisturized, too. As a rule, the skin gets dry after the process of shaving, so moisturize it with some lotion. This will also reduce the probability of rashes appearance.

10.Apply SPF on legs, too: In hot summer days, do not hesitate to use SPF on your legs, as the freshly shaved legs are more susceptible to the sun. Do not apply too greasy products, but find one which will be sufficiently efficient.

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