11 Products You Should NEVER Apply on Your Face

Don’t ever apply the following products on your face because you will regret it.
1.Hair Spray. Some say that the hair spray helps you setting your makeup, but, actually, it should NEVER be applied to your face. This product contains lacquers and alcohol that are chemical for the skin, causing it to dehydrate and you to look older. In addition, due to the repellents the hair spray contains, the skin could be irritated and become red and bumpy.

2.Deodorant. Deodorant’s main purpose is to prevent you from sweating, but it won’t, under any circumstances, keep your makeup from melting down, so don’t try to apply it on your face. This will have a negative impact on your skin’s health. It is supposed to breathe, and if you hinder it from doing so, your pores may clog and you may cause a severe acne.

3.Hair Color. If you want your brows to match your new hair color, it is better to use a vegetable-based colorant or tinted brow mascara on your arches instead of hair color. The formula of the box dye is harsh for the sensitive area around the eyes. This procedure can result in irritating your skin, make your eyes burn and tear up.

4.Vegetable Shortening. Vegetable shortening may be used on your body skin when treating psoriasis, but its place is definitely not on your face. This product is too heavy for the face, and it may even close your pores, leading to severe acne.

5.Shampoo. The shampoo does not make a good cleansing tonic for the face. It contains surfactants that clean your hair, removing the excess oil and dirt out of it, but these ingredients are nocive for the face skin. Shampoo’s primary function is to clean and make your hair shine, but it is not a good “friend” to the particular molecules of your skin. Don’t ever wash your face with shampoo because it will be parched and flaky.

6.Hair Serum. The face skin is very fragile, and it can’t handle all the care products designed for other parts of a body. This is the case of hair serums. These products’ ingredients are suitable for hair care but not for face care. They can irritate your face, dehydrate it and provide an unhealthy look.

7.Body Lotion. All girls and women are dreaming about having one lotion good for all body parts, but I am not aware of such a lotion yet. It’s not a good idea to apply body lotion on your face because it is more consistent and may irritate the facial skin. The face needs a particular care; it requires gentle and refined products. The body lotions are used to moisturize your body not to deal with the anti-aging needs of your face.

8.Foot Creams. Never, not under any circumstances apply foot cream on your face, not even a little bit. Such creams are too heavy, dense and viscous, and they are designed to get rid of thick calluses on your feet and often contain chemical exfoliants that are very nocive for the delicate skin face.

9.Nail Polish. Using it in painting your face for a costume party or the Halloween is not a good idea. Nail polish contains acrylic molecules, which, due to their chemical proprieties can dry the skin out. A better idea will be to use a paint designed to be applied to the face for this purpose.

10.Acetic Acids aka Vinegar. Vinegar can be applied to your face as a toner, but it is a better idea to apply a toner that has the vinegar as its ingredient instead of taking the vinegar straight from the kitchen cabinet. If the bottle of vinegar is not factory closed anymore then the vinegar can lose water as the time passes and the overall mixture will become more concentrated, and its usage in cosmetical purposes can result in chemical burning of the skin.

11.Mayonnaise. It is contained in a large amount of DIY hair masks because of its proprieties of hydrating your hair. Because it is too acidic and occlusive it is not a good idea to put it directly on your skin, it will result in clogging your skin pores, which causes skin’s inability to breathe.

11 Products You Should NEVER Apply on Your Face

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