3 steps to treat acne in 7 days

We hear constantly that acne is caused by a hormonal imbalance or improper use of care products. However, acne can be caused by an unhealthy lifestyle or an unbalanced diet. Do not forget that the skin is the main filter through which the toxins accumulated in the body are eliminated. So do not wonder why doctors recommend treating acne whit a structured lifestyle.

What you do when you suffer from this condition and no matter how many times you use professional products, acne stubbornly resist? I believe that it is time to try natural remedies, even if, over time, you lost confidence in any solution. You know that nature has the best solution!

In the first place, start treatment against acne by organizing your lifestyle. Eat healthy and balanced as many natural products you can, get enough sleep, exercise, and try a little harder to eliminate stress from your life.

Then get to work – for a trial period, say 3-5 days, give up your usual treatment against acne and move on to natural products. Only then you will see directly whether the new treatment is working and how effective is for you.

1. To clean and moisturize the skin using coconut oil. This oil can also be used on acne skin. Moreover, it will balance the production of sebum, will moisturize the skin, and kills bacteria because it has antibacterial properties. You can also use tea tree oil, but it is applied only to problem areas, not the entire face.

2. To ensure that the appearance of your skin will improve, include in your diet as many as possible fruits and vegetable juices. You can choose any fruits and vegetables that you like, but it is important to be more varied. Once you added the juices to your diet if possible try to give up smoking, coffee, sugar, and other products harmful to the body. Mandatory drink two liters of water every day!

3. Try to renounce makeups, at least one week, during which you do all these changes. It may be difficult, but you’ll notice the difference immediately. Will greatly improve skin appearance. And if you can not give up on the foundation, for example, choose from a wide devoted to your skin type issues.

3 steps to treat acne in 7 days

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