4 Easy Overnight Hair Curling Techniques

I know I’ve written about this a lot, but I cant do hair. I just…can’t. It has a lot to do with my hair’s defeatist attitude towards all styles (come on, hair!), but also, like most of us, I have very little time to fight with it each morning. Ever since I got this awful hair cut, though, I’ve been desperate to give it volume and texture — and so I’m putting my fist down.

If I had known curls and waves were as easy as going to sleep, I’d have had dreamy mermaid hair long before now! I know I’m the last person in the world to hear about these techniques, but join me as I explore the easiest overnight hair-curling tutorials.

1. The Sock Bun

Yeah, yeah, nothing new, right? Wrong! It’s new to me! For my fellow rock-dwellers, all you need is a sock. Cut the tip off, pull your hair through, and slowly roll the sock out over itself, tucking the hair with it. It’ll probably be messy, but the resulting bun (cute on it’s own!) will turn your sad, boring hair into magic overnight!

2. The Headband Technique

Your hair should be dry before attempting this. Slip a stretchy headband over your crown, hippie-style. Take a medium-ish section of hair from the front and tuck it through the headband. It should be kept a little bit loose. Using the same section of hair, and adding a bit more to it, keep tucking until you reach the back of the headband. Repeat on the other side. Go to sleep — when you wake up and take the band out, your hair will be beautiful and wavy!

Here’s a video, ’cause I’m not the best instruction-giver:

3. The “Beard”

I don’t know if this is actually a thing, but it works! Separate your hair into two sections, and twist each. Pull those two twisted curls in front and, keeping them as two distinct curls, use a hair band to secure them. Keep twisting the ends, and loosely tie the two curls together at the bottom. It should look like you’re wearing a beard — although, to be fair, I’m pretty sure this would work just as well if it was behind your neck. Sleep on it, and then unravel in the morning!

Here’s another video to clarify:

4. Paper Bag Curls

Last, but not least, paper bag curls. Disclaimer: this isn’t easy, it isn’t fast, and they don’t look that great. I’m only adding this video because it’s kind of hilarious, and should I ever want Shirley Temple curls, this is how I’m gonna do it.

Cut up strips of paper bag, and wrap small sections of hair very tightly around each strip. Tie the ends of the strip together. Repeat this all around your head — if you don’t look ridiculous, then I think you’re doing it wrong. After a few hours, voila! Orphan Annie!

This kooky European girl can explain it better:

Anyways, I know that everybody’s hair is different and that these techniques aren’t right for everyone. But I’m a blank slate, and I know I’ve got a lot of experimenting to do before I figure out what’s best for my fine, pin-straight hair. But it’s a nice to have some ideas in mind when it comes to styling my ‘do, even if some of those ideas are more ridiculous than others

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