4 ways to curl your hair without heat

Curls are by far the most sensual and sexy hairstyle, most often appeal to curling iron or hair straightener to achieve them. Although the results are excellent, you should know that frequent use of heat damage the hair and slows its regeneration. So the best thing would be to protect your hair as much as possible from heating sources.

1. The first technique to curl your hair with no heat source involves the use of elastic headbands. Brush your hair wet and sprayed it with a saline solution, for your curls to maintain suppleness for longer. Put your headband around the head and forehead, then take a strand of hair and turn it over the band. Carefully grab the next strand of hair, roll it on the hair band and continue in this way until you reach the neck.

2. This time, we propose a simple technique: wavy hair and you do not have to use any accessories. Wet your hair and apply a little serum on the ends, then put your hair in a ponytail and twist it as hard as you can. Finally, rotate it in a topknot and fix it with elastic. Expect your hair to dry naturally (about 2 hours), then carefully remove the elastic band. Style your wavy beach as you want.

3. Last but not least, if you want wavy hair without using heat, you can use with confidence trivial thread. Ideal would be to use mohair, because thread is thicker. Wet your hair and apply a little hairspray on stripes, then brush it. Take one strand of hair and spin it on your fingers, then fix it with piece of thread. Repeat the process for the rest of your hair. It is possible that the first time you try this technique to spend more time, but when you get used to this will be much simpler.

4. Flexible rollers are very easy to use and, unlike the curling iron, are friendlier to your hair. To get sexy curls using flexible hair rollers, comb your hair after washing well and apply a smoothing spray that will prevent frizzing once it dries. After this step, you need to take a strand of hair put it on the roller. Repeat the process for the remaining hair. Rollers should not be fixed too close to the scalp or ears. In this way, the final look will be more natural.

4 Ways To Curl Your Hair Without Heat


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