5 Easy Men’s Grooming Tips

Hello beauties! Today’s blog is all about 5 Easy Men’s Grooming Tips that every man should follow. I can go on and on about men’s grooming, but I’ve compiled what I believe to be 5 essential things men can keep in mind to look their best. So let’s get to it!

5 Easy Men’s Grooming Tips

Alright, men, and ladies reading this who want to clean their man up: brows are an important feature that has been overlooked for too long! The right brows will make or break the face. When grooming your brows, keep these simples facts in mind.

Never shave your brows. We can still see the stubble. Tweeze instead.
Keep the tweezing to a minimum, and focus on the most important area, the Uni.
Trim any long and unruly hairs
If you feel your brows are bushier than most, invest in a clear brow gel.

I’m not saying to take it as far as going to a nail shop. Just keep your cuticles clean and moisturized to prevent hangnails. Jack Black makes a great hand cream for men. It moisturizes enough, but doesn’t leave you’re hands feeling too greasy afterward.

Fellas, khaki is tacky. When getting dressed, remember anything neutral is your friend. Stick with black, gray, dark brown, or dark gray. Those colors flatter every man. Every outfit should have all but one neutral piece. In other words, you can have one pop of color and keep the rest basic. This will help you avoid clashing colors.

The look right now is the “neat stubble.” You have achieved this by trimming your beard every few days. Shave the edges to clean up and make the “stubble” appear more polished. It’s the perfect “I’m trying but I’m not making it look like I’m trying too hard,” look.

Men’s skin is naturally a little tougher than women’s and needs more attention…though it usually gets less attention than needed. Men, just make sure to exfoliant every few days to get rid of the gunk accumulating in your pores. Take it from an Esthetician, Philosophy, and Murad, and Mario Basescu makes great, quality products that work. A daily wash, exfoliant, aftershave (cause ingrown hairs are gross), and moisturizer is all you need to keep your face looking good.

I hope you all liked my Men’s Grooming tips! Let me know if you like these blogs about men’s grooming in the comments, so I can write more blogs like these. As always thanks for reading. Stay Handsome!

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