5 Signs that you’re wearing the wrong shoes

Wrong shoes keep your feet in an unhealthy position, which favors the appearance of wounds and fractures. If you find it impossible to choose the wrong shoes, know that about 90% of women wear too-tight shoes, so watch for warning signs.

You wear the same size since high school
Over time, the arch that is formed in your sole decreases and the foot widens. In these conditions, you may need larger shoes. It is good to know that sole increase a little as the years go by, so it does not hurt. Just try bigger shoes next time you go shopping. You might be surprised about how comfortable they feel!

Toes touch the tip of the toe box
Between the toe and the toe box should be a little space that allows you to move your fingers. During the day, your feet swell a little longer, so that by the evening you might notice that the shoes that came perfectly in the morning, now stretches you. So, when you go shopping it is best to buy shoes at the end of the day.

You have blisters and calluses
If you notice calluses and blisters on your feet means that you wear the wrong shoes or the shoes don’t fit in certain areas. Thus, the shoes press the foot skin and may even affect the joints. You can wake up even with mountings or ingrown nails. If your favorite shoes are too small, you don’t have to change them, just try to widen them.

At the end of the day, your soles hurt
If your shoes are too big, they won’t give you the help you need, and the muscles will tighten too with every step you make to maintain the arch foot high. This can cause plantar fasciitis and chronic inflammation.

You wear too old shoes
Those too old shoes, that you wore many times, can stop offering the support you need. If you walk a lot, you should change your shoes every 9-12 months.

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