5 simple makeup tips to highlight your eyes

An ideal makeup involves highlighting the eyes, but sometimes, women tend to make significant mistakes in this sense, which does not present any advantage for their look. I will present some very simple ways of makeup to bring your eyes out in a manner that will surely impress those around you.

1. White eyeliner for the brightness. First, it is necessary to create a contrast between cosmetics that you use, so that they will be perfectly combined. Use white eyeliner pencil which will be applied in the inner corners of your eyes, in this way your gaze will get lightness. Also, if the night was not so restful and signs of tiredness are visible, this trick will help you regain your fresh look.

2. Translucent powder for a resistant makeup. As you know, the sebum secreted by the sebaceous glands can cause leakage or blurring of makeup, which becomes extremely unpleasant over the day. Your eyelids become slightly oily during the day so it is absolutely necessary to prevent the destruction of makeup by applying a translucent powder that will fix it much better and will contribute to hydration of your skin at the same time.

3. Perfect contour for big eyes. A highly functional trick that will make your eyes look larger than it is to use a black or brown eyeliner pencil on the upper lash line. No matter how simple it may seem this process, the truth is that it requires practice to get perfect, so you will need to give yourself some time until you manage to handle better this technique.

4. Maskara for long eyelashes. One of the most common problems faced by every woman is the length of eyelashes; indeed, there are women whose eyelashes are exceptionally long, but there are other women who do not benefit from this advantage. To obtain long eyelashes you need a tube of mascara and a little skill; Using the applicator, apply mascara on the eyelashes with zigzag movements so that the product will be evenly distributed along the whole length of eyelashes. Keep in mind that turned eyelashes look more bulky and longer, so you can use an eyelash curler to curb them and give them a more intense form.

5. Maroon and brown for a contour that will rejuvenate. Certainly you wish your eyes to be nicely outlined by that great black outline, but it is absolutely necessary you consider a very important aspect that is relevant final your look: your age. If your age exceeds 20 years, avoid at all costs to use black because he will highlight wrinkles and other imperfections. Instead, a shade of maroon, brown or chocolate will be more suitable, because will help to create an outline that will rejuvenate miraculously!

5 simple makeup tips to highlight your eyes

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