50 Methods of Coconut Oil Use to Ease Your Life

Coconut oil has lots of benefits for the exterior, as well as for the interior of your body. We present you 50 methods of how you can use this product.
1.Skin Moisturizer – The most important benefits of the coconut oil is moisturizing. Use a coconut oil lotion regularly if you want to refresh, heal and intensely moisturize your skin.

2.Conditioner – A conditioner with coconut oil is perfect for hair breakage prevention. You can apply it on the entire head, or just on the ends of the hair strands, where there are less natural oils.
3.Great Ingredient for Homemade Soap – Coconut oil is often used as base for soaps, because, besides moisturizing, it is used for hardening the soap. For example, try to prepare soap from coconut oil, water and lye.
4.Weight Loss – Drop some kilos by substituting some fats with coconut oil fats. The solution is that the coconut oil is composed of some medium chain fatty acids, and not long chain fatty acids, like other food that is high in calories. That is why it is easily metabolized by liver and does not transform into fat in your body. Also, take 2 teaspoons of coconut oil when you are feeling hungry, to suppress your appetite.
5.Energy Booster – Boost your level of energy and mental alertness by adding coconut oil in your diet.
6.Itch – Coconut oil is efficient in nourishing dry, irritated, or inflamed skin, and eases the consequences of various allergies. Although it is not a treatment for allergies, it will make you get rid of this unpleasant condition.
7.Fungal Infection – Medium fatty acids from coconut oil are wonderful natural fungicides. Eradicate the fungus with this product, but be sure to use it until the symptoms disappeared completely.
8.Cold Sores – Studies have demonstrated that the compounds from coconut oil prevent the virus from multiplying. So, the disease does not spread so much and does not last long. For this, you just have to apply some coconut oil to the sore some times per day.
9.Coffee Creamer – For removing the usual coffee creamer from your diet, which is high in calories, add a little bit of coconut oil to you coffee to sweet it. Just be sure that your coffee is hot, for not having a clod of unmelted coconut oil swimming in your cup.
10.Healthy Wood Polish – Coconut oil is a great natural alternative for the chemical wood polish. Some people say that the furniture even looks shiny longer after it than after the special products bought from store.
11.Lowers Cholesterol and Diminishes Risk of Heart Disease – If you use in your diet coconut oil, that does not mean that you will never have a heart disease. You might have it, but this natural ingredient, however, diminishes the risk of the appearance of disease. On the other hand, coconut oil is known to boost the HDL – the “good” cholesterol that cleans your body from LDL – the “bad” cholesterol. For helping your body fight against cholesterol, take from one half till one tablespoon daily.
12.Minimizes Risk or Effect of Alzheimer’s – Studies have confirmed that ketones, known as “brain food” maintain the brain functioning during Alzheimer’s, improves memory, and make the effects of the disease not to be so pronounced. For improving cognitive function, take 2 teaspoons per day.
13.Calm Insects Bites – Coconut oil is a great soother for fly bites. It works not only on humans, but also on animals, too.
14.Oil/Butter Replacement – As mentioned above, coconut oil is a wonderful product when you want to lose some weight. An idea would be to replace the oil/butter you use for cooking with coconut oil.
15.SPF Lip Balm – Although coconut oil has an SPF of just 4-6, it can a little bit protect your lips from sun. If you stay in sun for a longer period of time, reapply the lip balm every few hours. You can prepare your lip balm with a quarter of teaspoon of beeswax for a better maintenance.
16.Body Scrub – Coconut oil is a perfect base for any scrub for face or body. For this, melt some coconut oil and then add some sugar in it. I advise you to leave the melted oil to cool a bit, the sugar grains not to melt in the hot oil. If you do not use the same day the scrub, put it in the fridge, it to solidify. Next time when you need some scrub, slice off a piece gently. When being in shower, or bath, water your skin first, and then apply the scrub. After shower, or bath, don’t forget to use a moisturizer. Repeat the procedure not more than once per week.
17.Make-Up Remover – Make-up has to be removed gently. Try to do it with coconut oil, instead of using other cosmetic products with chemicals. Take some on your fingertips and it will melt immediately. Then massage it on your face and wash out with warm water. I especially recommend it for removing eye make-up.
18.Massage Oil – A massage with coconut oil will leave your skin moisturized and soft. Also, the smell of it is fantastic!
19.Nail and Cuticle Treatment – If the store products for nails and cuticles seem to you to involve too weird ingredients, then opt for coconut oil. It is beneficial in case your nails break or chip often. Just apply some on your cuticles and nails until you get the expected result.
20.Diaper Cream – Coconut oil is the perfect ingredient for such type of cream, as it has antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral actions. As well it soothes and moisturizes the skin. Prepare your own cream by mixing the oil with some shea butter. Whip the mix of ingredients until the cream solidifies. Use it like you use a regular diaper cream.
21.Nipple Cream – While breastfeeding, you could have problems with cracked or chaffed nipples. I am sure you have doubts about the creams that promise to help you with your delicate problem, but, instead, apply some coconut oil on and around the nipples. Do it twice per day. Just be sure to pat dry the area before applying it.
22.Anti-inflammatory Effect – Researches have showed that the lauric acid and the capric acid from coconut oil are important in fighting against inflammations.
23.Leather Polish – After cleaning the dirt and dust off your shoes, apply a small among of coconut oil and polish them for a “healthy” look.
24.Remove Chewing Gum – If you have some chewing gum stuck in your carpet, clothes, hair, or somewhere else, put on it some coconut oil. Let is act for 2-5 minutes, or more, if you consider it necessary. Then remove it with a piece of soft cloth and wash the surface with some soap or shampoo to get rid of any excess of oil.
25.Shaving Cream – Instead of ordinary shaving cream opt for coconut oil. It makes the razor glide smoothly the skin, leaving it after the procedure soft, moisturized, and prevents the appearance of bumps and burns.
26.Remove Soap Scum – Apply a thin layer of coconut oil to the soap scum and leave it for 10-20 minutes. After this wipe away the surface. You can combine in this case the coconut oil with some vinegar for an extra result.
27.Season Cast Iron Pans – Coconut oil is a good product for the formation of a fatty layer that coats the pan, protects it, and acts as a non-stick surface.
28.Deodorant – Coconut oil has the property of reducing the amount of bacteria that cause the sweat odor. I prepare my deodorant by adding in 3-4 tablespoons of coconut oil a tablespoon of arrowroot powder. If your deodorant is too thin, add also some beeswax for solidification.
29.Bath Oil – Pamper your skin by adding into bath water some coconut oil. Your skin will get after this softer and will emanate a lovely aroma.
30.Rush Soother – No matter of the factor that causes itching and swelling, use some coconut oil to get rid of the discomfort.
31.Cutting Board Conditioner – After washing and patting dry your cutting board rub some coconut oil in it and let it act for 10-15 minutes. If you consider that it is necessary to remove also the odor, add several drops of lemon juice to your conditioner.
32.Base Oil – Coconut oil is a perfect base oil for diverse lotions, lip balms, massage blends, body butters, sugar scrubs for its moisturizing and healing effects.
33.DIY Vapor Rub – If you have stuffy nose, prepare a vapor rub by mixing a peppermint essential oil and coconut oil.
34.Fighter Against Cold – During cold season, for avoiding dry hair, take a small quantity of coconut oil on your fingers and run them through the hair strands.
35.Prevention of Lice – If there is an outbreak of lice, apply coconut oil throughout hair as described in the upper point. But if you have already got them, dip a toothed comb into coconut oil and run it through hair.
36.Put It on Your Toast – Replace butter by spreading coconut oil on your toasts.
37.Popcorn Topping – Add to your popcorn some melted coconut oil and a pinch of salt for your yummy snack.
38.Wound Care – Due to its antibacterial and antifungal properties, coconut oil is ideal for scratches and scrapes. You can apply it on wound on its own, or combine with a little bit of honey.
39.Small Motor Lubricant – Use small amounts of coconut oil to lubricate motors of small kitchen equipment. Take care not to apply too much oil, as it will have an opposite effect.
40.Reduce Cat Hair Balls – Rub a little bit of coconut oil on your cat’s paws to improve the digestion and reduce hair balls.
41.Aromatherapy – For full relaxation, prepare a combination of coconut oil and other essential oils and dab a drop of this mixture on your temples and back of your neck. For headaches and tension opt for peppermint and eucalyptus, for nausea – lemon, lime, orange, for stress – lavender.
42.Coconut Cubes for Dogs – These cubes are given to dogs as chilled treats when its hot outside. For this, blend some peanut butter and coconut oil and freeze them into ice cube tray.
43.Dry Nostrils – If you feel that your nostrils are dry and irritated, take a little bit of coconut oil on the top of your finger and rub it inside each nostril.
44.Constipation Treatment – If you know that you have quite often constipation problems, take a tablespoon of coconut oil every morning before your meal. If your delicate problem is acute, take 2 tablespoons.
45.Anti-Age/Sun Spots – If you deal with sun or age spots, apply regularly coconut oil to fade them. Also, it is a great product for their prevention.
46.Solution against Dark Circles – While going to sleep, if you had a long hard day, put some coconut oil under your eyes to diminish puffiness and dark circles in the morning.
47.Soften Dry Elbows – For softening the skin on your elbows, rub coconut oil onto them for night.
48.Insect Repellant – As mentioned above, insects do not really like coconut oil from various reasons. You can make as well repellant bars from coconut oil and peppermint or citrus essential oil for reapplication whenever needed.
49.Bee Sting Soother – If you were bitten by a bee, apply some coconut oil for diminishing swelling, heat and pain, but don’t forget to remove the stinger for the beginning. Also, you can combine it with a little bit of lavender oil for extra soothing.
50.Cracked Paw Pads – If you consider that the paw pads of you canine are too harsh, dry or they are cracked, apply on them a small amount of coconut oil. However, be sure that you do not use too much oil, as it won’t do good for your dog to have too soft pads.

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