6 awesome tips for a Younger Look

At a certain age, women lose their self-confidence because they believe they look old and aren’t attractive anymore, like young girls are. However, there are several secrets that should be taken into consideration, especially if you want to look younger. Here’s what you have to do (nothing sophisticated and everything that`s perfect for a middle-aged lady!):

  1. Boosting hair volume

The secret of boosting your hair’s volume is drying your hair upside down. When you dry your hair, if you want to build volume, all you have to do is apply mousse on one palm and apply it on your hair, starting with the roots until the endings. See the difference of drying your hair upside down, especially if you never did this before and always did it in a normal position.

Once done with drying, it is important to completely brush your hair. Using a round hair brush for styling is a good choice, especially if you want to add more volume. If you have long hair, you need a medium-sized brush and if it’s shorter, a small brush will do the job. Start brushing in the opposite direction the hair stays (you perform brushing upside down, just like you did with drying).

  1. Soothing your skin

For skin soothing, you’ll need milk. Take a clean washcloth and soak it in cold milk. Then apply it on your face for approximately 10 minutes. All of your irritations and redness will be eliminated because milk contains every ingredient that does the job: vitamin A, amino acids, fat and proteins.

  1. Plumping thin lips

Bright or dark colors attract attention on the size of your lips, but they also highlight fine lines and thinness around the mouth. Choose a lipstick that is closest to the natural color of your lips.

Once you’ve applied the right lipstick, you will also have to define your lips, by contouring the natural border and edges of your mouth. The lip liner shade needs to be exactly the color of your lipstick. Don’t try to draw bigger lines with the purpose of making your lips seem bigger, because you will end up with a fake look.

  1. Giving your eyes a lift

It`s a must to have your lashes curled correctly! You will curl your lashes only when they are dry and clean. Also, you shouldn’t add more than three layers of the mascara you use for curling. Your final result should be beautiful and long-lasting curls.

  1. Brightening your smile

For whitening your teeth, you can easily create your own whitener at home, by preparing a mix of water and baking soda. You can use this paste several times a month and it will definitely remove stains and whiten your teeth. Stains on your teeth may appear especially because of red wine and coffee, but after drinking these beverages, if you eat crunchy raw veggies, these will eliminate new stains instantly.

You can make your teeth seem whiter by the right lipstick as well. In this situation, the right colors are the blue undertones. In order to discover which would be your best choice from your countless lipsticks, try more of them: see which of them are blue-based (these will make your teeth look whiter) and which of your lipsticks have gold or yellow undertones (these will make your teeth seem yellowish).

  1. Dressing up according to your body type

This rule may be applicable for men as well, even if there is a less variety of men`s body shapes than women’s. Keep in mind that if you dress like a person who is half of your age, you won’t look younger! The truth is that doing so could make you look even older. You should instead focus on clothes and outfits that fit you and your age. Here are several final tips, in terms of clothing that you shouldn’t neglect:

  • Women don’t need too deep d├ęcolletage to look younger; it’s a better idea to go for shirts that highlight all of your upper body features, without attracting too much attention on your chest.
  • If you’ve worn the same clothes for a whole decade, it’s time to renew your wardrobe! If you have no idea what clothes should you buy, ask a family member or friend to accompany you, but this should be a person who understands style. If this is not comfortable for you to do, you should simply visit some stores and see what models wear; then try to discover which of their outfits you could apply to your own look.
  • When none of these things helped you to be sure about what you will buy, ask for the help of a sales assistant and try every item that you like (including the ones that you believe they wouldn’t suit you at your age). Just get in the changing room and have some fun by trying several new clothes! You might end up with a pleasant surprise: you’ve found something you initially believed it would not suit you, but it actually does!
6 awesome tips for a Younger Look

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