6 golden rules when applying a facial mask

Face masks are so varied! Different colors and different consistent scents. No matter how many ways, there are facial masks for all skin types, and are some basic things that are the same regardless of which product you choose. It’s about applying the principles that must be followed for your skin to have some maximum benefits from cosmetics. Whether using a homemade or bought facial mask, here are some tips that will help you properly apply face masks.

1. Apply the facial mask after you shower
It may seem a good idea to shower before applying the mask so that you can clean better afterward, you enter the tub. But it’s much better to wait until after showering. It’s better for the skin. Hot water makes steam, which helps to open the pores. This will soften the dirt from pores and thus the dirt will be removed more easily. Additionally, with clean pores, nutritious substances in the mask will penetrate more easily into the skin.

2. Use the right tools
Do you think the brushes are only for artists? If you do not want to dirty your hands and to avoid using kitchen utensils, buy yourself a simple brush big and soft and keep it in the drawer with cosmetics. Thus, using a brush, you will not spread the mask on your hands. But remember that you must wash the brush well after each use and leave it to dry before you store it.

4. Remove the mask and wash your face with warm water
Maybe you were in the situation to leave too much the facial mask on your face. It dried up so much that you found it difficult to remove. So first, do not wait too long. You risk that the ingredients in it to have undesirable effects. For example, if you apply a mask to close the pores, it may dry out the skin too hard if you let it act more than is recommended. When the time comes to remove the mask, do it with warm water.

5. Coldwater is not very effective if you want to remove the mask and the too hot water affects your skin. Water for your skin too hot or too cold is a shock, so the best is to use water at room temperature. If needed, you can use a clean piece of cloth.

6. After the mask, a tonic does wonders
Many women know that it’s better to moisturizer after using a facial mask. But a toner is just as important. But sometimes this is a step you should jump. So do not forget the tonic! It will help the skin and making it softer and more invigorated. In addition, moisturizer helps to enter deeper into the skin

6 golden rules when applying a facial mask

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