6 Habits which Damage your Hair

Long and rich hair represents an advantage for any woman. To maintain its healthy aspect, we have to avoid certain things which are part of our daily routine.

1.The main unhealthy habit for hair is the combing after bath or shower. The strands of hair break more easily if you do this thing, because they are the most elastic and the weakest when the hair is wet. It would be ideal to use comb specially designed for wet hair, a wide-tooth comb, or your fingers.

2.Most often we are in a hurry when we wash our hair and we do not get to hydrate it as necessary. If you do not use a balsam or a mask after shampoo, or you wash them off before they had enough time to act, you hair will degrade easier.

3.Wishing to look as better as possible, we excessively use hairstyling products, and this thing dries it. Especially, try to avoid styling products with alcohol.

4.One thing for which are guilty the majority of women is the usage of hair tools at high temperature. Whether it is blow-dryer, plate or curling iron, all damage the hair in the most visible way. If you hurry or are used to dry your hair with blow-dryer, then squeeze well your hair and leave it to dry at least 50%, perfectly would be 90%, before starting your blowout. And dry your hair on medium heat, in this way relying more on airflow.

5.The frequent coloring of hair brings over time to its breakage and falling. The chemical process resulted after the usage of the dye affects the strand of hair on its whole length. It is not recommended to use dye in a period less than 6 weeks.

6.Last but not least, it is important to treat your hair gently. We use to play with our strands of hair when we feel boring, but this thing is very harmful. Also, if you keep your hair often tied, it will start to break in time and will achieve an unaesthetic look.

Here are other simple ways that will help you avoid hair breakage:

  • Do not wash your hair with hot water.
  • Do not wash it more than two times per week. Shampoo is a cosmetic product which dries your hair if used even two-three times per week.
  • Do not comb or brush it too often.
  • Apply treatments when you feel that your hair needs repair.
  • In summertime, protect your hair from UV rays by wearing nice summer hats.

Remember that healthy, shiny hair, with a proper haircut, is able to attract attention of everybody around you.


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