6 Original Makeup Tricks to Intensify Your Freckles

Many readers are interested in this, and now I’ve got an answer. I present to you the best ways to intensify your freckles! I’ve searched everywhere, read all the beauty blogs concerning freckles, and I’ve gathered info about how can we heighten them and make them shine and gleam! I’ve got the top 6 tips that will provide that glimmer of sunshine to your face. So, for all the freckle-lovers out there, take a look down below at my top 6 techniques to heighten your freckles! Hope you guys enjoy them and find these tips useful!

1. Mineral Foundation Powder:
If you are proud of your small little dots on your face skin, and you want to intensify them and make your face shine, then don’t use a lot of foundation. Instead, try on using a little mineral foundation. This is a wonderful solution that will draw attention to your freckles and will let them shine through. Also, your skin will be lighter and will look natural.

2. Tinted Moisturizers:
Now you know to not use heavy foundations that will hide your precious freckles, but instead, opt for something lighter like a tinted moisturizer! Besides the tinted moisturizers, BB creams are also considered super light. These creams will enhance your freckles and provide protection and hydration to your skin.

3. Avoid Liquid Foundations:
Remember what I said about those heavy foundations earlier? That includes the liquid types as well! This kind of foundation is meant primarily to cover the face completely, but if you want to heighten and make your freckles stand out indeed, forget about the liquid foundation and try something lighter instead!
Always opt for a natural look because if you love your freckles for good, the rest of the people are also going to love them.

4. No Concealer:
In my opinion, I don’t think that concealer is a bad idea in this case. But not too much. You can use a little bit of it to cover up your pimples or acne scars, but you sure don’t want to cover your freckles. Instead, just conceal the areas you want, that way your freckles will shine through!
After this trick, you will have a clear face of impurities, and your freckles will stand out even more.

5. Pink-Based Blush:
Use a pink-based blush for your cheeks. Thus, you will intensify your look and your freckles at the same time. The pink color perfectly emphasizes the freckles, letting them shine through. You will have a fresh, bright look that will catch everyone’s attention.

6. Subtle Bronzer:
Another trick I use and I highly recommend to all of you is the bronzer. Use a bit of a subtle bronzer along your cheekbones to enhance your freckles. As far as I’m concerned, this trick works fine for me, and I really hope that it will work for you as well. It defines my look and gives that extra shine to my freckles! Also, a correctly applied bronzer makes the face appear slimmer.

6 Original Makeup Tricks to Intensify Your Freckles

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