6 Skincare Tips to naturally Cure Acne

There are moments when you tend to think that you will never get rid of acne! You probably tried a lot of cheap, as well as expensive cosmetic products and drugs which were meant to cure your skin disorder. Some of them perhaps did their work, but most of time the acne returns. In fact, acne is an internal issue which takes a lot of time to treat. Fortunately, there are some tips which will not cure the acne completely, but, however, will show you the right direction to this goal.

Here are some natural remedies that are easy to prepare, without chemicals, using simple ingredients.

1.Use Honey on Your Skin in the Morning
After washing your face in the morning, use manuka honey. In case of having skin affected by acne it is recommended to use honey with a bioactivity of 12 or more. So, after rinsing your face with lukewarm water, massage a half of teaspoon of manuka honey (or any other kind of raw honey) into skin, then wash it off.

Honey is known for its antibacterial property. It stops the multiplication of the bacteria which provoke the acne. By using it on a daily basis, the skin becomes softer and cleaner. Moreover, honey removes excessive oil, neutralizes the PH and balances the sebum production.

2.Rose Water Toner
Another product which balances the PH of skin is the rose water. Just spray some on your face in the morning and in the evening. You may also substitute it with raw apple cider vinegar combined with water in a proportion of 1:1.

3.Jojoba Oil Moisturizer
Jojoba oil will be probably the greatest moisturizer which you have ever used. In addition to all, it’s a natural product! You have to be prepared and use it daily, because the result is not seen immediately. You skin has to get adjusted to this kind of oil, but, later on, you will observe how your skin becomes cleaner. When your skin will look better, do not give up using further the moisturizer. You may also add some of your favorite essential oil (lavender, tea tree, thyme, Moroccan blue chamomile, German chamomile, rosemary, geranium) in it, for making it more beneficial. The right proportion is 10-12 drops of essential oil to 1 oz of jojoba oil. It is better to avoid the addition of several essential oils to the jojoba oil.

4.Cinnamon, Nutmeg and Manuka Honey Scrub
This scrub may amaze you by its efficiency!
Firstly, mix some manuka honey (or another kind of raw honey) with cinnamon in equal proportions. Add a pinch of freshly grated nutmeg (please, assure yourself that the nutmeg is not too old, as the essential oil from it is required in this case). Mix everything until a paste is formed, which should be of a middle consistency.

Apply some of this mixture on the areas affected by the disorder and leave it for some time. You may even leave it to act for hours. Avoid the contact with wounds, or irritated skin! Store the scrub in a container, in fridge to keep its efficiency. This scrub is also beneficial in case you have blackheads. Like any other type of scrub, use it twice per week.

5.Clay Mask
To unclog the pores on the face skin, apply once per week a clay mask. You may stay with the mask applied while relaxing in bathtube. Let it completely dry, then wet it and exfoliate. At the end, gently rinse it off. You will get rid of blackheads in no time!

6.Oil Cleansing before Going to Bed
In the evening, remove the make-up and all impurities with oil. This time, use extra virgin olive oil or hemp seed oil. Jojoba oil will also work, as long as they all are natural. Oil is effective even in mascara removal and cleans the skin of dirt and sebum. Take one teaspoon of oil and soak in it a cotton pad, then massage with it slowly, in circle moves, the whole surface of your face. After this, rinse with lukewarm water and spray some rose water toner. It’s a super cleansing method including just one ingredient.

Natural ingredients are the best treatment for your acne! Just remember: simple ingredients are simple solutions.

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