6 Steps For Sweat-proof Make-up

There are certain occasions: a party, a wedding, a night club, which require a more elaborate makeup. As not to confront problems, implement these five steps necessary for a strong makeup.
One of the most important tips is that during heat, makeup should be as minimal as possible to avoid makeup stretching and all that follows from this: discomfort, embarrassment, the occurrence of skin problems.

Evening makeup must be elegant, to beautifully highlight your face features. And another thing: should be sweat-proof. If makeup is not done right, you will face all kinds of problems that result in faster resistance. But there are solutions. As long you follow the right steps for your makeup to last longer, you will not have problems! Here are, still, most steps to a strong summer makeup.

6 Steps needed for a strong makeup
1. Start by cleansing very well the skin. Use a cleanser or cleansing gel according to your skin type and then apply a very light cream that penetrates quickly into the skin without leaving it greasy. Makeup will last longer if your face is dry, as it will not be absorbed by pores.
2. Use a quality foundation, designed to last longer. If you will spend time outside, opt for a waterproof foundation. Also, the foundation must not contain oil to prevent stretching on your face! For application use a clean sponge. Avoid rubbing the sponge on the skin, just dab.
3. Apply a non-oily concealer on areas where you have pimples or imperfections. Use concealer as a base for eye shadow because it will help it last longer. Instead of concealer you can use a makeup base (primer) that makes the makeup more resistant.
4. Use a powder to give greater resistance makeup. Keep in mind that the powder is a critical step for the makeup to last longer! Apply a light powder with a brush. Repeat application in oily areas, because will absorbs excess sebum!
5. Uses strongly pigmented makeup, because it can be worn longer and is more resistant. Makeup should be applied in layers. For eyes, use a pencil, gently apply the powder over, and then reapply liquid eyeliner above the baseline. Mascara last longer when applied in layers over the lashes dusted with powder.
6. Apply lip liner pencil a lipstick. Because lipstick is sustainable, try the following advice. Take a tissue and unfold it in layers if too thick. Put one layer on lips and slightly press it, then apply a generous amount of translucent powder on napkin, and then remove it! In this way, your lipstick will last much longer!

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