7 Cosmetics that are not worth spending money: the unnecessary cosmetics

Attractive packaging and promising aggressive advertising – are factors that lead women to buy cosmetics, which can disappoint them. Unfortunately, not all solutions have the promised effect. Familiarize yourself with this list of cosmetics, which is not worth buying.

Why spending money on unnecessary cosmetics, when you can use tested alternatives?
Unnecessary cosmetics

  1. Split ends are a bad thing. Equally frustrating is to realize that the only solution is the haircut. Because there is no solution to this issue.
  2. You can combat cellulite if you practice sport regularly and eat correctly. Anti-cellulite cream is a myth, it can soften the skin, but doesn’t help you to get rid of unpleasant appearance.
  3. The tonic you use after washing your face, rarely proves to be a worthy product. Choose it reasonable, these solutions remove dirt without leaving residues – its role is to restore the pH of the skin. This makes it a very good day moisturizer, most often the tonic is extra.
  4. Shower gel dries the skin and affects the protective layer. It is best to use moisturizing soap – it is cheaper and less harmful.
  5. What is the difference between cream for hands, feet, and lotion for the whole body? Good: no difference! Take care of your skin using a good body lotion, using it for different purposes.
  6. Body exfoliation is better to be made at home using natural products. It is an excellent remedy, for example, the scrub with coffee grounds. Honey, salt, and olive oil – there is also a good recipe for a scrub. It makes no sense to buy additional products if you can prepare them easily at home!
  7. Lip balms contain less alcohol – because the lips become dry and easily want to use the lip balm again. Use honey, olive oil, or coconut as lip balm – lip skin will become soft and silky. Resist the temptation to buy another balm.

Choose rationally the cosmetics and not only will you save money but you will notice how much your appearance will improve. Use really effective cosmetics for a guaranteed result.

7 Cosmetics that are not worth spending money the unnecessary cosmetics

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