7 French Beauty Secrets To Look Like a Goddess

When you think about French women, it comes to your mind great actresses such as Brigitte Bardot or Marion Cotillard. With did they have? What makes them stand out? The perfect makeup or goddess figures? French women are renowned in that, regardless of what they eat they remain beautiful and attractive. Here’s what distinguishes them from the rest and makes them so enviable!

French women drink wine every day
Serving a glass of wine in the evening and after the end of the program, it is for them a part of their culture. Drinking a little wine is not considered shameful. It is a ritual that entertains and relaxes you after a busy day. Wine is food that, consumed with decency, can bring many benefits. It is rich in resveratrol and polyphenols, with an anti-inflammatory effect. Reduce bacteria responsible for acne and improves circulation.

French women take care of their skin regularly
For them, skincare is a necessary ritual. No matter how long they spend on it, important is the result. Beauty is assimilated with health all these rituals being closely related to the desire of being healthy.

Beauty is regarded as an art of living, as a source of pleasure and nice living. Whether you go to a salon or apply certain procedures in its own bathroom it is the same.

French women are passionate
Regardless of the daily schedule of how busy or preoccupied with something they are, they would find their time to be with their partner. It is good to both strengthen the couple’s relationship, but also for health. Collagen production is stimulated, speed blood oxygenates better, and skin and whole body feel an overall good condition.

Balanced makeup
French women believe that “less is more”. Makeup does not mean that you have to put on your face all kinds of makeup products. Something simple. A woman must let her secrets to be outlined in terms of makeup, and clothing.

Eat well and enjoy food
French women eat well. Yes, you read correctly! He found time to enjoy the food. Time and meals with family are the most cherished. Their diet resembles the Mediterranean. Eat good quality ingredients, natural and healthy.

Take cold showers
Long and hot showers are not part of their habits. Instead, are appreciated the short warm ones that, end with a cold jet, to reinvigorate the body. Health benefits are seen, the body is encouraged to fight, to be strong.

Accept wrinkles
If are natural and come with age inevitably, why fight them?! French women prefer to integrate them into their lives. With natural aging, you can’t fight forever. Better accept what years bring than to turn into a person obsessed with creams that resorts to all kinds of painful and expensive plastic surgery.

7 French Beauty Secrets To Look Like a Goddess

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