7 Methods to FAST DRY your Nails

There’s nothing more annoying than waiting half an hour to dry your nail polish on the nails and then to realize that your manicure is destroyed when you looked for something in your bag. But fortunately, there are some ways you can keep your manicure intact after you have applied nail polish:

1.Cold water
Put a water bowl in the freezer for a few minutes. Then keep your fingers in cold water at least 3-4 minutes for the nail polish to dry faster. Hot water can damage manicure also is important to avoid putting your nails in tap water.
2. Apply thin coats of nail polish
In salon you will notice that specialists apply thin layers of nail polish to ensure that it will dry quickly. Do the same at home, apply the first coat, wait a few minutes and then cover it with the next layer. You will notice positive results after the first attempt.
Some bloggers have tried applying hairspray on nails and decided to promote this simple solution. The alcohol in this product contributes to faster drying of nail polish. But it is very important to spray formula from a great distance, otherwise they will remain a few spots on the surface of your manicure. Wait 3-4 minutes and then wash your hands with soap.
4. Natural oils
Some women abroad use cooking oil spray and butter to ensure rapid drying of nail polish. But if you cannot find in supermarkets such products, you can use your own magic formula. Put olive oil in a spray container and cover your nails with this natural solution. After 4-5 minutes, wash your hands.
5. Hair dryer
Use a hair dryer with multiple temperature settings. Choose the option of cool air and hold fresh lacquered nails in front of the dryer for 4-5 minutes. The warm air helps to melt varnish that can ruin your manicure.
6. Keep nail polish in the refrigerator
Instead of spending a large amount on products that accelerate nail polish drying, experiment with this simple method. 30 minutes before applying nail polish, put the product in the refrigerator or freezer. This ritual helps rapid drying of nail polish.
7. Hold your hands in the freezer
Specialists offers a simple solution for fast nail polish drying. Hold your hands in the freezer for a few seconds if you want to avoid damaging your manicure. Instead of investing in professional products, opt for this method and saves a significant amount of money.

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