7 ways you can use aspirin

Aspirin is the most popular remedy for headache, but can also be used for other purposes. See what other uses can have!

1. Heals insect bites! Simply put aspirin on the bite and you’ll see how the pain or burning sensation will gradually disappear.

2. Can be used as a hand disinfectant! If you mix aspirin with lemon juice, you get a soap that will get rid of bacteria and grass, coffee or cigarettes stains off your hands.

3. You can get rid of dandruff! Crush two aspirin and mix them with the shampoo that you use to wash. Apply the paste on the hair and let it act for two minutes, rinse and repeat. After the last rinse, you’ll see how your hair will stay clean and healthy!

4. Get’s rid of bite marks from your neck! If you had a passionate night and you woke up with a sign in a visible area, simply massage the area with aspirin and rinse with a drop of water. If your bruising does not disappear, then use a corrector.

5. Relieves skin irritation! Whether you have a simple irritation or a fungus on the skin, use a solution composed of crushed aspirin and some talcum powder. Apply it on the affected area twice a day and see how your skin will heal!

6. You get rid of warts! Crush some aspirin and apply it on the wart, then protect your finger with a patch and leave for a few hours of work. Repeat daily until the wart disappears.

7. Treat feet corns! Simply mix six crushed aspirin tablets with ½ tablespoon lemon juice and ½ tablespoon of water. Apply the paste on your weft and wrap the affected area with a towel soaked in warm water, then put a plastic bag over it. Wait for ten minutes, remove the towel and plastic bag, then rub the woof with a pumice stone.

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