8 Beauty Tips since Grandmother’s Times which You have To Try

When it comes to beauty, maybe we should leave the expensive salons and listen to our grannies. Many of simple treatments, used during their youth, are efficient and even intelligent.
1.Olive oil does miracles
The olive oil maintains the fresh aspect of the skin. Also, it is a good remedy for scratches, even for chapped lips. As well, it helps the hair fiber if it is applied at the end of the hair, especially in winter, when the hair can be affected by external factors.


2.Apply sodium bicarbonate directly on teeth
The toothpaste for whitening has in their composition bicarbonate sodium. It proves its efficiency while applied directly to teeth. The baking soda also maintains the breath fresh. Although it has a not so pleasant taste, the result is worth it!

3.Use vegetables mask for face
It is difficult to keep your skin clean and soft all the time, but it is one of the most important things. Although you already have perfect skin, that does not mean that you must not take care of it.
It may seem strange, but if you rub a raw potato on your face each morning and evening, before going to bed, it may help you in combating acne and blackheads, or other imperfections.
Do you remember when your grandma was continuously nagging you to eat your vegetables? The consumption of a beet can help you maintain a fresh look. The vitamin C which is contained in it participates at the beneficial functioning of our immune system, and the vitamin B9 from this root covers 30% of the necessary daily amount.

4.Drink without straw!
The experts confirm that the usage of a straw favors the appearance of wrinkles around the mouth.

5.Ladies do not smoke!
A long time before doctors discovered the harmfulness which cigarettes have on our organism, ladies knew that they are not good for beauty. What about the smell? Disgusting. Also, it causes the yellowing of skin and teeth.

6.Use the classical red lipstick
The red lipstick does never go out, and the most important thing is the choice of the nuance. In this way, the appropriate color on the lips can leave men speechless!

7.Remove the make-up each evening
It is a necessary thing to remove the make-up. The skin has to breathe during nighttime, as during the day it is covered by different cosmetic products. A good cleanser is everything you need, for your skin to look fresh the next day.

Well, perhaps smiling causes small wrinkles, but what can be more attractive than a smiling girl accompanied by a good state of spirit?

Use these day to day beauty tips and you will get ensured that for becoming beautiful you should not spend a whole day in front of mirror.

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