8 Mistakes You Make About Thin Hair

Although girls with thin hair may never add more volume or density, there are ways to improve your flat hair and make it shine. Don’t get discouraged, but love your hair the way it is. It defines your personality, and you should enhance its value. Down below are provided basic mistakes you are making daily:

Thinking Your Hair Is Always Going To Be Flat
Usually, fine-haired girls are complaining about their hair all along. It is recommended the use of thickening sprays or root lifting sprays that will provide more volume. Remember girls, to any problem, there is a solution.

Using Too Much Product
Thin-haired girls have to choose and use their hair care products wisely. One should not use too many products because they add weight to hair. Instead of applying conditioner only at the ends, girls tend to apply it all over the hair, which is a big mistake. Conditioner adds extra weight and makes your hair look flatter. Avoid doing that and your hair will shine and look more voluminous.

Blow Drying Flat To Your Head
In order to add extra volume to your hair, get a round brush, lift up the roots and blow-dry. The key is to blow dry your hair from the scalp, against the way the hair grows. This process may be painstaking at first, but with time you’ll get used to it, and trust me it’s worth it. Your hair will always look gorgeous and voluminous.

Not Knowing How To Combat The Limp When It Does Happen
A good method to add more height to thin hair is by using curlers. Use them underneath the layers of thin hair near the scalp. This way you will gain more volume and your hair will look very rich.

Using A Curling Iron
A trick for thin-haired girls is to have them curled. By applying hot rollers and then backcombing the hair, it becomes more voluminous and provides an illusion of thickness. Rollers are very useful beauty items that every girl should have.

Letting Your Hair Grow Too Long
Bad news for fine-haired girls. Probably, most of them will never experience the joy of having long hair because it adds weight and the hair looks flatter and the ends look ratty. Such girls should wear a shorter haircut providing a good bounce and shape.

Letting Your Fly-Aways Take Over
Because the hair is thin, it tends to break easier. It is recommended to use clear mascara in order to tame those areas. It provides a great effect and doesn’t add weight to your hair.

Not Dealing With Product Buildup
Shampoo, conditioner, hair care products and other ingredients accumulate on your scalp and adds weight to your hair. Use a clarifying shampoo regularly. This way, your hair will be healthy and lighter.

8 Mistakes You Make about THIN HAIR

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