8 Morning Beauty Routine Habits

I don’t know any girl that woke up in the morning and looked spectacular and ready for the day. However, by changing a bit your morning beauty routine you can get ready much faster and shine all day. Down below are presented few tricks that you should be doing in the morning, and that will charge you with energy throughout the day.

1.Use an antioxidant serum
You need protection for your skin, so use antioxidants like vitamins C and E, that will guard your skin against UV rays, pollution and other skin stressors. These products provide extra protection to your sunscreen cream and confer that extra shine your skin needs. You should apply this antioxidant to dry and clean skin before applying the moisturizing cream.

2.Have a protein-rich breakfast
It was proven that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. If we eat a high-protein breakfast like boiled egg and Greek yogurt instead of a bagel and sweet fruits, we tend to stay fuller and be more energetic throughout the day. Also, if we have a wholesome breakfast, we avoid overeating later in the day, which is great.

3.Don’t forget about sunscreen!
As I said above, our skin needs protection from UV rays, even though it’s cloudy or snowing. Your skin needs a nickel-sized amount of sunscreen, but you can’t apply that much makeup on it. So increase your protection by using an SPF cream before applying foundation. This way your skin will be guarded and moisturized. Also, don’t forget about the lips, the neck, your hands and the eyes.

4.Drink a big glass of water
After a long night rest, your body needs to drink in order to get ready for the day. Dehydration has a negative impact both on your health and on your skin. Drinking a big glass of water in the morning, especially ice cold, is launching your metabolism and making your body wake up and activate.

5.Move your body
Everybody needs a good rest in order to look fresh in the morning and be healthy. It was proven that women who work out in the morning are full of energy throughout the day and sleep better at night. Also, if you work out you improve your blood circulation, shape your body, and have a good mood.

6.Spray on a citrusy fragrance
It was proven that citrus-based perfumes or body lotions give that extra boost to the body that it needs in the morning. Also, citrus scents reduce stress and heighten the immune function. It’s not magic; it’s just science!

7.Spray your face
A good trick that makes you wake up in the morning is to spray your face with the face spray held in the fridge overnight. This comes unexpectedly for your skin, and it reduces the morning puffiness and makes you feel refreshed and awake.

8.Drink green tea
Green tea is an excellent drink. It has plenty of flavonoids, a type of antioxidant that slows down cell damage and diminishes the danger of developing certain cancers. But if you are a coffee lover, don’t worry. It was proven that coffee contains antioxidants, and it boosts the metabolism.

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