9 Advice to Restore the Elasticity of Your Skin after Weight Loss

In the modern world, people are obsessed with healthy diets and sport. However, there is nothing more satisfying than watching your new body in the mirror and enjoy the looks. That amazing feeling when you realize that your clothes are already big for you. Still, if you tend to rapidly lose weight, your skin might be flabby. This is unaesthetic, I know, and unpleasant, but don’t worry, you can get rid of that flabby skin without much effort and money to invest.

The flabby skin occurs when you rapidly lost weight and the skin didn’t manage to adjust to the changes. Among common reasons that cause this disturbance are collagen deficiency, bad diet and lack of hydration…. You might take care of what you eat, what you drink, and most importantly, how you take care of your skin. Our skin is prone to drying up, thus, it gets itchy and might contribute to the appearance of different skin affections. Nevertheless, for every problem, there is a solution. Here is how to tighten up your flabby skin. Read lower some tips that will help you keep a beautiful and healthy skin.

1. Keep Hydrated:
Water is the source of life. Where there is no water, there is no life. Also, don’t forget that the human body consists of 80% water. This level decreases during the day through sweating, urine and should be replenished in order to assure a good functioning level for the organs. Water eliminates the toxins from our body and helps us lose weight. We can’t lose weight if we don’t drink enough water. Skin needs a lot of water in order to stay hydrated and keep its elasticity. If your body is hydrated enough, your skin won’t be dry, but soft and bright. The normal amount of water for a human body is 2 liters per day, but on the days you go to the gym, you can increase this level up to 2.5 liters. By the way, avoid drinking tea, coffee, and soda. Opt for plain mineral water. If you can’t give up on tea and coffee, at least diminish the consumed amounts per day. You will see that only by drinking enough water daily your skin will be toned and the body will be thin.

2. Take Care of Your Skin:
Often we forget to take proper care of our skin. We neglect skin’s needs and believe that if we washed it with water and soap that’s enough. However, our skin needs treatment as any other organs of our body. We should take a nice sea salt bath at least once every two weeks, so our skin regenerates, the pores open and we could easily exfoliate it. This procedure will allow the skin to breathe. Don’t forget to massage it with oils and cream, so it is properly moisturized. We can get rid of flabby skin faster when the skin is in tone, not clogged with dirt and dry. Use creams and lotions based on aloe vera, soy protein, and other natural products. Also, before getting out, apply sun protective cream on your face and body, because it doesn’t really like the UV rays. Take good care of your skin, and it will repay you.

3. Exercise and Weights:
Power workouts are beneficial for tightening the loose skin. If you rapidly lost weight, probably because of stress or you adopted a healthy diet, the flabby skin can the tightened by lifting weights. Such exercises will build up muscles and they will restore the pretty curves of your body and tighten the skin from the inside. Also, in order to lose weight, you can’t just eat healthily or just run, you have to combine all these elements for a perfect result. Cardio workouts are important, as well as power workouts, thus, we don’t have to ignore neither and adopt both styles. Lift weights as often as you can during a week. For starters, you can have as weight some bottles of water and workout with them. You can buy some dumbbells or kettlebell; this will be more than enough for a good and effective workout. You will like the feeling of your muscles burning. Then you won’t be able to stop.

4. Massage:
Who doesn’t like the massage? I don’t know a single person that doesn’t like this wonderful procedure. What a joy to find out that by massaging your body you can get rid of the flabby skin, increase blood circulation, stimulate muscle buildup, enhance the elasticity of your skin, and much more. You can either massage your body yourself or ask some professional to do this for you. Of course, the pleasure is greater when somebody massages you, but usually, because the lack of funds, we have to massage us ourselves. Don’t worry, the effects are equally efficient. Use mustard oil when massaging yourself in order to get rid of the flabby skin. Mustard oil is known for its medical effects that improve the skin condition after each session. You will both relax and restore the elasticity of your skin at the same time. Also, you could use almond oil, coconut oil or other oils that you like in order to make your skin perfectly beautiful.

5. Get Into Strength Training:
As mentioned above, you can’t divide and neglect strength training or cardio workout. You have to combine both of them. The cardio workout enhances the resistance of your body, you jump and run all the time and the fat is melting on your eyes, but the skin remains flabby because it has no enough time to adjust to the changes. This condition is going to be fixed by the power workout that builds up muscles and evidences your curves, makes the skin toned and flawless. Also, perform strength training on areas that need the most attention, like the abs, legs, and hands. However, we don’t have to focus only on these areas, our body works as a whole, not as units. You can’t just workout your upper or lower abs. All this muscle is involved when performing a certain exercise, as well as other muscles that we don’t even pay attention to. Besides workout, don’t forget to eat healthily and drink plenty of water.

6. Moisturize Your Skin:
Our skin is the largest organ of our body that sometimes is simply neglected. It needs air to breathe, elements to eat and water to drink. The skin has to be satiated with all these elements in order to be beautiful and flawless. After taking a shower, don’t forget to gently massage the body with a moisturizing cream or lotion. Use the ones containing vitamin E. This element speeds up the collagen production, thus the skin restores its elasticity and repairs the loose skin. Also, you could massage your body with aloe vera gel, almond oil, coconut oil, olive oil (treats cellulite) and other creams designed for this purpose. Don’t let your skin dry out, or else different skin affections might occur, like acne, blackheads, and others. Nevertheless, the best moisturizer for our skin is water. Drink it at least 2 liters per day and flabby skin will disappear in no time.

7. Practice Yoga:
Yoga is also important for our wellbeing. So, if you could involve yoga in your daily routine that would be wonderful. By practicing yoga you could relieve stress, enhance your flexibility, lose or maintain a healthy weight, and even help your skin restore its flexibility. It helps in getting rid of the flabby skin. I know that feeling when you found out something new and you are eager to try that out as soon as possible. But the secret is to keep it slow. If you never practiced yoga before and will start with the most difficult poses, you will only be disappointed and you might hurt yourself. With little steps, you head towards your goal. If you will invest time and efforts in this, you will see the first results within a few weeks. You will be surprised how much more flexible you are.

8. Seaweed Wrap:
Wraps are also beneficial for our skin elasticity. Also, they treat cellulite. There are different types of wraps, with coffee, chocolate, seaweed and much more. All of them are efficient and target the same problem – reduce cellulite, eliminate toxins, make the skin more firm and elastic. This is a good opportunity to relax and contribute to the beauty of your skin. You can wrap you up at home or at a nearby spa. I believe it’s best to begin with the spa, to see exactly what are they doing, what ingredients they are using, and then you can try this wrap at home. Also, if you decide to wrap at the spa, check out the reviews of their customers because sometimes the brand is not worth the price and quality of the service. If people recommend this location with an open heart and there are little or no negative review about this spa, then you might want to give it a try.

9. Eat Lean Proteins:
As mentioned above, you can’t change your body only by eating healthy, drinking water, doing cardio or power exercises, you have to combine all these elements for a great result. Regarding food, I think you understand that by eating burgers and hotdogs you won’t lose weight and won’t get rid of that flabby skin. Adopt a diet rich in lean proteins, like lean meat, fish, and eggs. These products are the building material for a perfect body, they boost collagen production and muscle toning. Thus, our skin becomes more flexible and our muscles buildup. Many women believe that if they are going to eat like a bodybuilder, they are going to look like one. Don’t worry ladies, this is impossible. Plus, you won’t eat 5 stakes per day, will you? You have to control your portion, the calories and eat until you feel satiated, not until you can’t eat anymore. By the way, if you are a vegan, there are lots of healthy proteins that you can consume, like soy, beans, nuts, seeds.

9 Advices to Restore the Elasticity of Your Skin after Weight Loss

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