9 Natural Remedies for Brittle Nails

It is a hard work to grow your nails till the desired length and it is so frustrating when they begin to break, split or peel. You can easily recognize a brittle nail: it is when a nail peels off in horizontal layers, starting from its free end. Well, know that not only you confront with this problem. It is very often met condition at both men and women and can be caused by many different agents, some of them being the obsession with nail polish, exposure to water, air, diet and so on.

Also, brittle fingernails are usually not associated with a medical disease. Fortunately, there are many methods that will help you get rid of brittle nails in a natural manner, without spending big sums of money for cosmetic products with dubious ingredients. … Take a look at these extraordinary home remedies and find the suitable one for you!…

1. Apple Cider Vinegar
The top of my natural remedies for brittle nails is apple cider vinegar. This product is full of essential nutrients for our nails like potassium, magnesium, iron, calcium etc. It contains also lots of vitamins. All these nutrients cover the deficiencies from our nails and prevent the appearance of brittle nails. Here is how to do apple cider vinegar baths for your fingernails:
• Dilute the vinegar with water in a proportion of 2:1.
• Soak your nails in this combination for some minutes.
• Repeat the procedure once per day until you achieve the desired visible result.
The secret of this miraculous product is that its natural nutrients and the acids are not only good for strengthening nails, but they cure and prevent microbial infections that cause excessive breakage and yellowing. So, if you are not still used to have a bottle of apple cider vinegar at home, maybe it is the time to change this habit.

2. Tea Tree Oil
One of the factors that can cause brittle nails is the presence of a fungus. In this case, tea tree oil can be an effective remedy. It can help you get rid of your problem and return the healthy color of your nails, being popular for its strong antiseptic property. Also, if you are afraid or you know that your nails are predisposed to fungal infections, use the oil from time to time. In fact, tea tree oil has been medically proved to be as efficient as a prescribed anti-fungal medicine. The process of application is very easy: apply the tea tree oil over your peeled nails and let them absorb it for about half an hour. Then wash the nails with warm water. Repeat the procedure twice per day for full recovery of your brittle nails. Others advise to do this procedure after taking a bath or a shower, when the skin is soft.

3. Olive Oil
Another type of oil with amazing properties is olive oil, but this time it is not an antiseptic, but a powerful moisturizer. The combination of olive oil and lemon juice is one of the best natural modalities to cure peeled nails. For this, mix one teaspoon of olive oil with few drops of lemon oil. Massage the mixture into the nails and the cuticles. Then, follow the same actions like with the tea tree oil treatment: leave it to act and wash your hands in warm water. Repeat the process twice per day: in the morning and in the evening, before going to bed. To prevent an eventual breakage of nails, apply the olive oil at least two times per week. Try this inexpensive home beauty treatment to fortify your nails. As well, if you deal with dry-as-heck and cracking toenails, apply olive oil to moisturize them. It has been proven that they soak it better than all kinds of creams and gels, which, besides all, contain chemicals that are unknown, for me at least.

4. Egg Yolk
The main reason of brittle nails remains however the lack of calcium. Egg yolk is known to be a rich natural source of calcium and also has a nail strengthening protein. That is why egg yolk is so effective in the treatment of this nail condition. For improving the result, mix the egg yolk with milk. Here is how to do it:
• Whip an egg yolk with 2 teaspoons of milk;
• Rub the composition into your fingernails, you can also massage it a little bit;
• After 20 minutes since its application, wash your hands with lukewarm water.
Another kind of combination which you could try is from 1 egg yolk, 1 teaspoon of honey and 1 teaspoon of water. Let it act on your nails and cuticles for about ten minutes and after this rinse with warm water. Besides applying egg yolk externally, you could introduce this product in your diet for better results.

5. Sea Salt
Sea salt also contains some minerals that are necessary for the treatment and strengthening of peeled nails. Moreover, this natural remedy will moisturize your nails and cuticles and will make your fingernails become shiny. For this, put in a small bowl some sea salt and add to it some warm water. Then dip your fingertips into the formed solution for 10-15 minutes. You can add some essential oils (frankincense oil, myrrh oil, wheat germ oil) to it or several drops of lemon juice as well. After this, rinse your hands with clean water. If you already deal with brittle nails, then repeat the procedure two times per day during one week to get rid of this embarrassing problem. Then, you can reduce the interval to three times per week for prevention. So, if you suffer of brittle nails oftener than others, then do not hesitate to use this simple natural cure.

6. Lemon Juice
Whether used alone, or in combination with other natural ingredients, lemon juice has a conditioning effect on brittle nails. It contains a huge amount of vitamin C, which is essential for healthy nails. It increases the speed of nail growth and makes them look shiny. One method that could be used as treatment for peeled nails is by extracting some fresh lemon juice and mixing it with some olive oil. It is needed to heat this mixture and then apply it on the nails. You can apply it with the help of some cotton wool. Just dip it in the solution, put on fingernails and secure with a piece of foil. Beauticians recommend doing this procedure weekly. In addition, lemon juice will remove the yellowish tinge caused by overuse of nail polish or tobacco stains on fingertips. Regenerate your nails with natural ingredients, no matter what are the factors that caused their weakening.

7. Sunlight
The lack of vitamin D is one more often met reason why our nails clip. Of course, you can introduce in your diet food rich in vitamin D like salmon, swordfish, breakfast cereals, or orange juice, but namely sunlight is the biggest natural source of vitamin D, which is vital for the natural growth and functioning of our entire body. Especially, it is advisable to take sunbaths in the early morning hours. Some sunlight on your brittle nails can definitely improve their condition. Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin that is necessary for the absorption of calcium and to regulate the concentration of this mineral in our blood. Make from walking in the morning sun a habit, if you want to have healthy, strong and shiny nails. However, do not forget about your skin and always wear sunscreen to avoid skin damage. Try to avoid overexposure to cleaning chemicals or water from dishwashing or swimming to prevent peeling of your nails.

8. Vaseline
The use of nail polish and nail polish remover dry a lot the nails and the cuticles. That is why, if you apply nail polish often, do not forget about regular hydration. For this purpose you can use Vaseline. Put some on your nails and cuticles when you go to bed to moisturize and nourish them. Spending some time taking care of our nails can give amazing results. Thus we can reduce brittleness, chipping and breaking. Although brittle nails does not mean you have health problems, if this is followed by poor condition of your skin and hair, then I recommend you to make some changes in your lifestyle, diet, and visit your doctor to discuss about this issue. Also, besides nail polish, try to avoid using harsh soaps for hand washing. If you use waterless hand sanitizers with high alcohol content for cleaning your hands, then know that the alcohol from these sanitizers dry your nails, making them much more likely to split or chip.

9. Exclude Nail Polish
Brittle nails are inevitable if you do not leave room for rest to your nails and polish them regularly. Moreover, it has been demonstrated that the drying ingredients from nail polishes, that sap the moisture from the nail plate and weaken it, act even after the polish hardened. Acetone from the traditional remover does no good to your nails as well, stripping the natural oils in the nails along with the polish, leaving with the unpleasant surprise resulting with peeled nails. Even non-acetone removers can be very drying! So, if your fingernails are not in the best condition, take a break from nail polish. A few months would be the ideal period for the nail restoration. I guarantee you that after 3 months of such rest, your nails will look so good, that you will not even want to polish them again!
So, whether you dried your nails with detergent, nail polish remover or harsh chemicals, or you moisturized them too much, find the best solution for you and bring them back to life!

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