How to achieve a Louboutin manicure ( Double Sided Manicure )

Are you tired of the traditional manicure and want to try something different that makes you distinguish from all the rest? Then you should try the double sided manicure or Louboutin manicure as it is known, because of the color used and their associations. But don’t worry, you can use whatever colors you feel like, because the technique remains the same.

All that you will need to achieve this manicure are:
– red nail polish
– black nail polish
– top coat
– tape

First take the duct tape and cut small pieces of it long enough to secure your nails. We advise you to start with the left hand and then secure all the nails. First take the red nail polish and apply it on the interior because it may also leak on the other side. Let it dry for a while and then do the other hand. Once dried you can apply the black nail polish and let everything to dry. Now all that is left to do is to remove the tape apply the top coat and enjoy your glamorous manicure.

If you want the top coat to look flawless for a long time it is important, first, to degrease your nails. Although there are plenty of commercial products for this purpose, the best would be to turn to two ingredients in your kitchen: water and vinegar. So, mix two parts of water and one part vinegar and you have the perfect degreaser.

Several thin layers of top coat are preferably instead of one thick layer
A single layer of nail polish can stretch or texture may lose easily if is not completely dry when you do various stuff. Therefore, it is preferable to apply several thin coats of polish, which dry out much faster than one.

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How To Achieve A Louboutin Manicure

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