Afro Style Curls without Heat

Curls have always been in fashion. They add volume and exquisite texture to your hair. There are women who have curly hair from nature, but if you are not among them and you heavily wish to have such hair, then it is not a problem. You may not even need to deal with tools and products to reach the expected result. I provide you a very simple method for glamorous small tight curls.

For obtaining small tight curls you will need:

  • Straws
  • rubber bands
  • lots of patience!

Normally my hair is very straight and to obtain these gorgeous curls (like in the picture), it is very important to divide the hair in equal segments. The smaller the segment is, the tighter will be your curl.

So, start with the first selection: from the middle of ears, horizontally, move to the lower side. Use a catch clip for the hair that remained. From the left hair, take an appropriate strand of hair and spray some water on it. After this, curl the strand on a straw, as close as possible to the root. After finishing curling, catch the ends of the straw with a pin used for buns or with a rubber band. I recommend using rubber band, because it is more comfortable and you risk less it to loosen. Continue with the second strand of hair exactly on the same way: spray, curl and catch the straw with a pin or rubber band.

After finishing with the first selection, pass to the second one. Loose the remained hair and make a lane over the ears, horizontally. Clip the hair which you won’t use, for the time being, and repeat the same steps.

afro style curls steps

Attention! When we get to the nape, I recommend you to think about on what side you want to have your hair parting, as it has to enhance your curly look.

After finishing curling the hair, we just need to wait. Depending on how long we will leave the hair twisted on the straws, we will obtain a different aspect of curls. In other words, if it stays just several hours, the curls will be lighter. If you choose to leave it till the next morning, you will obtain some tight curls. So, when you think that it is enough, take off the straws. You do not need too much theory for this. After getting rid of straws, you will observe the impressive result. Also, you have to take each curl and divide into several strands, for giving a more natural effect and more volume. In case in which the curls lose their form, twist them in the direction in which they were curled on straw. And it is important not to use a comb after this. Curls are always great for any occasion – formal or casual.

I hope that you will adore the result!

Afro Style Curls without Heat

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