Anti-Dandruff Treatment with Sea Salt

Introducing sea salt into your daily maintenance and beauty routine is beneficial for skin hydration, the strengthening of its protective barrier and refreshing the communication between the cells. Sea salt eliminates the already existing dandruff and stimulates circulation for a healthy scalp; it also absorbs excessive sebum and it inhibits fungal growth as well as the forming of dandruff.

Homemade anti-dandruff recipe
Preparing this anti-dandruff treatment at home is not difficult at all. The recipe is as following: split your hair into two and sprinkle sea salt on it. With your wet fingers, massage your scalp for 10 to 15 minutes. Once done, wash your hair like you usually do. The results should show up immediately.  

This is not everything that you can do at home with sea salt for your beauty purposes. What about a relaxing and hot sea salt bath at the end of the day? There is nothing more relaxing than ending your day with a hot bath in which you sprinkled sea salt! The delicate flavors make you relax and your skin is renewed and hydrated. Sea salt is one of those wonderful and natural products that have in their compound only a few ingredients (sometimes even one single ingredient), and these agents do wonders for the skin, the health of your psychical state and your overall body.

Here is how to prepare your sea salt bath at home and what its benefits are: for this recipe you need 6 parts coarse sea salt, 3 parts Epsom salt, one part baking soda, a few drops of your favorite essential oil (or a combination of essential oils, if preferred) and food coloring for a pleasant aspect. All you have to do is to mix the salts in a bowl, and then add the essential oil(s) and food coloring – as much as needed for obtaining the perfect color.

When choosing the essential oils, first of all consider your skin type as well as the effects that you want to obtain. If your skin is sensitive, use lavender or rose essential oil. If you have very dry skin, almond or orange oils are wonderful because they will profoundly hydrate your skin. For a skin that lost its natural glow, use rosemary or mint essential oil. These oils stimulate circulation and thus, your skin gets a healthier and more pleasant aspect.

If you wish to relax and get rid of stress and tension, lavender salt is the ideal choice. Sea salt baths with citric essential oils give you a general well-being state and they charge you with energy and good mood. Sea salt baths with cinnamon contain antibacterial properties, they help to clear your pores from impurities and improve the aspect of your skin. When you are sick, Eucalyptus sea salt bath is wonderful for the relaxation of your muscles; it decongests your respiratory system and calms down pain.

The benefits of sea salt bath
Sea salt is definitely the best base for any sea bath, thanks to its composition and properties:

  • it is rich in minerals, such as potassium and magnesium that prevent the excessive dryness of your skin and they maintain it hydrated;
  • it has antibacterial properties and reduces inflammation on your skin;
  • it improves circulation in your skin and detoxifies it, by eliminating impurities from your pores;
  • it calms muscular and articular pain;
  • it is efficient in diminishing the symptoms of certain skin affections – like psoriasis;
  • it treats and prevents acne appearance;
  • it has calming effects; it helps you to sleep better;
  • and it is beneficial for eliminating excessive water from your body and reducing dark circles.
Anti-Dandruff Treatment with sea salt

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