How to Apply Eyeliner Patches

Contouring your eyes with liquid eyeliner is definitely an essential part of your overall makeup. To highlight the natural color of the eyes, women opted during this whole time for numerous tricks. From the list of options that we have at our disposal in the wonderful 21st century, we need to mention eye shadow, eyeliner pencils, mascara and not lastly, liquid eyeliners.

Probably, the instrument that requires most of your professionalism and time is actually the liquid eyeliner because it requires a lot of more precision, compared to the other makeup products that you apply, if used correctly. If you have been so far unable to learn using liquid eyeliners for contouring your eyelid(s) (it is possible to highlight only your upper eyelid, if you want a more cute look, but if you want to obtain a more serious outfit, you will need to contour both your upper and lower eyelids), it is actually worth investing time in learning to do it. The truth is that all of the cosmetic products we’ve just mentioned can nicely highlight your eyelids, but the most beautiful results are possible to obtain with top-quality liquid eyeliners.

The liquid eyeliner has been first used in Egypt and Mesopotamia for drawing a black line on the upper eyelid and for highlighting its contour. It has also been used by Arabic women as well. Nowadays, using the liquid eyeliner is often associated with a gothic makeup but it is getting more and more population in other trends as well. If you have the necessary dose of courage, both men and women can use liquid eyeliners. Depending on your preferences, you can opt for many styles of contouring your eyelids with liquid eyeliners.

A lot of women have problems with contouring their eyes with liquid eyeliners perfectly and of course, mistakes will definitely arise when you’re in a hurry. However, a lot of ladies are simply unable to use liquid eyeliners at all, because of some personal reasons (probably because their hands are shaking too much or they simply can’t draw beautiful and fine black lines around their eyes). For all of the girls and women out there who deal with the problem of contouring their eyes with the liquid eyeliner, there is a trick that actually lasts for a shorter time than you would ever believe! What if you only kept your liquid eyeliner stalks in your closet and you will simply apply them just before you leave from home?

A young girl has discovered how to do this trick by yourself and it’s simpler than you ever believed. You need a larger patch, liquid eyeliner and scissors. It is important that the patches are transparent, so that you can paint it when you take it off the sticky surface. All you have to do is cut triangular pieces and to simply stick them on your eyelids. The results are amazing! Now that you’ve discovered this way of contouring your eyes with liquid eyeliner (a practical technique, in our opinion), everything depends on you – will you try it or not? If you were unable to contour your eyes with liquid eyeliner so far, learn doing it with the help of some patches and you will become a professional!

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