Are your Teeth Yellowish? Here is what you can Use for Whitening

Yellow teeth may have a lot of causes behind. One of the main causes of yellowish teeth is improper dental hygiene. If you don`t know how to properly brush your teeth or use certain whitening substances with the purpose of whitening your teeth, chemicals in these products sometimes do the opposite: instead of whitening, they stain your teeth. This is the reason why it would be better to avoid using chemical substances for teeth whitening purposes.

Certain drinks and foods (like potatoes, apples, wine, cola, tea and especially, coffee) rapidly stain the teeth. Smoking is another main cause of yellow teeth. It would be a great thing to give up with smoking and drinking too much coffee, if you practice both of these bad habits excessively.

Some diseases may also result in yellow teeth, especially the ones that affect the teeth`s hard surface (enamel) and the underlying material situated under the enamel (the so-called dentin). If you follow treatments for these diseases, some of the cures may also result in yellowing your teeth.

Aging and genetics represent two other causes of yellowed teeth. Unfortunately, in terms of aging, there is almost nothing to do about improving the aspect of your teeth. Aging reveals the natural yellowish aspect of your teeth because the enamel starts to work improperly with years passing. In terms of genetics, the same thing is valid, just like with aging – some people simply can`t do anything about the yellowish aspect of their teeth.

The importance of whitening your teeth

It is very important to whiten your teeth if possible, for numerous reasons. First of all, improving your oral hygiene habits is important because you never have to be shy about your smile. If your teeth are clean, you can smile naturally in all of your pictures, without the need of hiding your yellowish teeth. White teeth may also give you a younger appearance and increase your self-confidence. Your teeth may also play a significant role when others around want to form their first impression about you (in this situation, consider special events in your life, such as a wedding or an important job interview).

A lot of women wish to obtain the sparkling white aspect of their teeth, but the expanses of a dental surgery are pretty high. This is the reason why we thought to offer a cheap method that whitens your teeth and it is as efficient as possible, with positive effects on the long run.

Therefore, in order to have a perfect smile like Hollywood stars do, you can use orange peel. Here is how you need to prepare it, so that you can obtain your desired smile:

  1. Dry the orange peel in the oven, but be careful not to burn it.
  2. Once the orange peel is strong enough, grind it until it becomes powder.
  3. Mix one half of teaspoon of orange peel with a little bit of toothpaste.
  4. Use this mixture two or three times a week.

Instead of orange peel, you can also use lemon peel or lemon juice mixed with sodium bicarbonate (once a week), by washing your teeth for two minutes.

Are your Teeth Yellowish Here is what you can Use for Whitening.

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