This baking soda shampoo can save your hair

Baking soda has become lately increasingly popular, and both science people and ordinary people discover new and new ways to use it. One of these methods is to restore the hair! The hair can be cleansed of all traces of shampoo and can get a nice natural glow after just a few applications. You can start the sodium bicarbonate treatment instead of the usual shampoo. Conventional shampoos have many negative effects.

Here’s a list of the most dangerous chemicals:
– Sodium lauryl sulfate
– diethanolamine
– parabens
– various cosmetic flavored
Perhaps when you choose the shampoo the flavor is an important criterion and you are bothered to see this item on the list. But in this, you could buy a product that contains more than 4,000 chemicals. Do you really want such a shampoo or conditioner for your hair?
Many of these shampoos dry your hair. If you used this remedy based of baking soda and vinegar that we propose you today, you will not ever go to the salon for cosmetic reasons!
The hair will have more power, volume and strength. And besides, you will save considerable amounts avoiding the purchase of expensive chemicals.
Do you start to feel better?

If you stop using the ordinary shampoo you might notice that your hair becomes greasy more quickly than before, but after a few weeks, this issue will disappear. Moreover, your hair will become less greasy than before. All you have to do is repeat this procedure every 2-3 days. It’s very cheap, effective, simple and natural and will gain your trust in a very short time.

Start this way:
You might be bothered by the idea of not washing your hair with a foamy shampoo, but be patient and wait for results.

Baking soda
Mix in a glass baking soda with water in ratio 1: 3. You can adjust this rate in the future as the particular need for your hair. The remedy can be applied both on damp hair and dry hair. Start from the roots to the ends. On 1-3 minutes after the application rinse well, desirable using hot water. After rinsing you can apply balm vinegar.

Vinegar conditioner
Apple cider vinegar mixed with water in ratio 1: 4. You can also add a few drops of lavender essential oil, mint and/or rosemary, so the smell will be more enjoyable. It would be better if you prepare this mixture from time to time, to always have it handy when bathing.

How do you apply it?
Tilt your head back and close your eyes. This way you will avoid the possibility that vinegar to reach the eye. Apply conditioner all over the hair. If you have long hair, then bent your head forward and put conditioner on the ends. After a few seconds, you can wash your hair with cold water. The cold water will keep the humidity in your scalp; your hair will be smooth and have a healthy glow.

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