Bathing Tricks for Obtaining Shiny Skin

Bathing is a procedure that should lead to improvement of our skin aspect. But, it has been demonstrated that the dryness, the appearance of pimples and acne on your body can be caused by the fact that you do not bath in the correct way. We help you to improve your skin and make it look glowing by providing a range of tricks that should be taken into consideration while taking a bath.

Apply oil on your body before bathing
Water washes out the essential oils of the skin, leaving it dry. That is why it is recommended to apply some olive oil or coconut oil on your body, the skin to remain glowing after you bathe. If you have no possibility to do it any time you go to bathe, do it at least once per week.

While washing yourself, use warm water
If you do not know whether to opt for cold or hot water, choose hot. Warmer water unclogs the pores, clears the dirt and re-energizes your skin.

Use soap more seldom
Soap dries the skin, if used every day. Use soap to wash underarms and other private parts, but don’t use it on legs, arms and particularly on face.

Exfoliate your body once a week
Apply an exfoliating scrub on your body once per week to remove the layer of dead cells. This procedure will help you obtain a skin with natural glow.

Wash thoroughly your back every week
Maybe you consider that your back is not so important to be thoroughly washed, but I assure you that this part of your body should not be neglected.

Don’t take a bath for too long
As mentioned above, water washes out your body oils, leaving the skin dry. That is why it is not recommended to bathe for more than 30 minutes. It would be perfect your bath to last 10-15 minutes. Try to bathe even quicker during winter, when the skin is dryer than in other seasons.

Opt for natural soaps
Soaps from markets often contain chemicals that dry our skin. Instead, try to find soaps made of natural ingredients or, why not, use natural compounds like gram flour or milk cream in the place of your ordinary soap. You can also try to do homemade soap.

Instead of rubbing, dab with a towel after bath
If you use to rub your body after a bath, try to get rid of this bad habit. Instead, dub with a towel, as the skin is very sensitive after bath.

Use a moisturizer after bathing
After finishing dabbing with a towel, apply a moisturizer. The skin pores are open after washing and absorb effectively the lotion or the cream.

Take a bath every day
Bathing removes the dirt off our skin and leaves it glowing. That is why try to do it every day.

Even if you are a busy person that has no time for small things, if you still want a good result, try to follow these tricks as much as possible.

Bathing Tricks for Obtaining Shiny Skin

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