Beauty Hacks – 19 uses for Vaseline

Vaseline is a type of gel obtained from petroleum, and it was discovered in 1859 by an american chemist named Augustus Chesebrough. Now, in addition to industrial uses, is a basic ingredient for a range of beauty and personal care products. You can use cosmetic Vaseline in almost any situation. It is a perfect emollient, heals chapped lips, improves skin disorders and you can even use it to fix some household problems.

1. Apply Vaseline over an eyeshadow or blush to obtain a cream. This mixture will hydrate the eyes/cheeks area and will make the makeup last longer. For a shiny look you may apply a layer of Vaseline before using the powder.

2. For a better eyebrow shaping apply some Vaseline on the eyebrows. This way, the skin will be soften and it will be easier to tweeze those unwanted hairs right out.

3. If you use eyelashes maybe you have confronted with the glue left behind, after you removing the eyelashes. To get rid of the eyelid, apply some Vaseline on a cotton pad and gently rub the eyes area.

4. Maybe you are out of makeup remover. Well, you should know that the above trick works to get rid of the makeup too. If you want to save some money, use this trick. It’s natural and effective.

5. After cleansing your face, you can replace the regular face cream with cosmetic vaseline. Apply Vaseline on your cheeks in circular motions – the skin will retain its moisture. We do not recommend this product is if you have oily skin.

6. For soften feet, rub them with Vaseline and wrap them up with a pair of socks. The petroleum jelly will absorb into your feet and you will enjoy soften skin on your feet, right in the morning.

7. Vaseline can be use also on cuticles. Apply it everyday in a small quantity and you will have beautiful nails.

8. For soften lips, replace the lip balm with Vaseline. It heals chapped lips. Apply Vaseline on the lips, and it will stop the evaporation process, which cause drying. It is an excellent emollient at the same time, and it will shine like a lip-lip gloss.

9. Lubricate nail polish bottles. If you can’t open the nail polish bottle and there is no man around to ask him do it for you, make sure that next time you use the bottle, you apply some Vaseline on the neck of the bottle. This will prevent the lid from sticking again.

10. Hollywood Lips. Sometimes the lip stick goes on your teeth. To avoid this from happening, rub a small amount of Vaseline on your teeth. You will enjoy a perfect white, stainless smile.

11. Perfect spray tan. Next time you want a perfect spray tan, rub Vaseline on the backs of your ankles, knees and hands. This will prevent spray tan streaks.

12. Beautiful eyelashes. Cosmetic Vaseline, applied every evening, helps eyelashes grow faster, thicker and stronger. Also you can skip the mascara routine. Vaseline will nurture and protect genes throughout the day.

13. Vaseline for a persistent scent. Before applying perfume on your skin, massage your skin with a little Vaseline in the area of your neck for a long and persistent scent.

14. Remedy for split ends. If your hair has split ends you should know that Vaseline is a natural remedy. Apply it on your ends in a small amount before going to sleep.

15. Touch up scuffed shoes. If you have pains caused by shoes, simply apply a little Vaseline (petroleum jelly for the skin) or deodorant stick on that area. This creates a kind of barrier that will protect your skin better from injuries and pain.

16. Prevent hair dye stains. When saloon is to expensive for you and you need a hair dye, gently rub a small amount of Vaseline on your forehead before starting to dye your hair at home. This way, you won’t have to confront the embarrassing stains on the skin.

17. Soothe dry skin. For beautiful, moisturized skin, after you’ve shaved your legs rub some Vaseline on the skin. This trick applies for dry skin elbow too.

18. Natural scrub. For a natural scrubbing add some sea salt to Vaseline to remove the dead skin cells. We recommend you to use this scrub while you shower. You will enjoy a silky and smooth skin.

19. Sensitive ears. Do you have sensitive ears and you can’t wear any type of earrings? They have to be made of precious metals – gold or silver or a metal such as hypoallergenic stainless steel? Buy some cosmetic Vaseline and apply it on the earring stud and say goodbye to allergies.

Beauty Hacks - 19 uses for Vaseline

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