Beauty Myths Fact or Fiction

There are literally thousands of ways to get information on beauty these days. This blog is just another example of the many ways women get their information. When it comes to fact or fiction in the beauty world it is a matter of trial and error. What works for me, may not work for you, and vice versa. However, I found it interesting to delve into the “true and false” tips that are out there in the world of the internet.

I found some that I read said false on one site and then true on another. Again this is an example of trial and error because obviously what worked for one person did not work for the other. Just keep that in mind when reading below, just because it says True or False next to it, does not mean it is 100% correct. We are all so different that it is impossible for a “one size fits all” beauty regime.

Myth: Your cell phone can cause breakouts. FACT ✔
In fact some experts claim that cell phones have more bacteria than doorknobs and toilet seats!
Solution: Take a clean cloth LIGHTLY moistened with alcohol and softly clean your cell phone. This will lessen the amount of bacteria present, thus causing fewer breakouts.

Myth: Certain cleansers can shrink pores. FALSE ✘
What they can do at best is make them appear smaller. This is a temporary fix as pore size is mostly genetic.
Solution: Find what works best for you, but remember that its only TEMPORARY. Don’t set your heart on shrinking pores forever, just enjoy how gorgeous you look while the product does it’s “magic” for the time being.

Myth: Plucking gray hair causes more grays. FALSE ✘
Plucking one or two grays will not cause you to turn into Cruella De Vil (lol), but it will cause the root to become damaged.
Solution: Try an at-home hair dye specifically formulated for gray hair coverage or discuss it with your hairstylist.

Myth: Expensive products are better than inexpensive products. FALSE ✘
The truth is, no matter what the price, there are good and bad products in all price ranges. It’s all about their formulation not their price tag.
Solution: Try out a cheaper cosmetic before you write it off or rush out to buy a more expensive one based on just the name brand. Take advantage of many stores cosmetics return policy. (I finally got over my shyness of returning cosmetics when I started building my makeup collection. If I didn’t like it then it went back the next day!)

Myth: You must use a cream labeled “Night Cream” at night. FALSE ✘
Contrary to what you may believe there is no research stating that at night you need a special cream to repair skin because that’s when the body is repairing itself. The skin repairs itself all day all night. The only difference between day and night creams is that a day cream should have an SPF 15 or higher.
Solution: Buy one good cream and save yourself from the marketing hoopla!

Myth: Toothpaste is a good way to get rid of a zit. FALSE ✘
While this may dry out the zit and make it disappear, the Fluoride in it irritates the heck out of your skin and can cause burns.
Solution: Try mixing a bit of cornstarch mixed with water to make a paste. Then dab it on the zit overnight.

Myth: Nails need to breathe. False ✘
This one truly shocked me because this is something I was told for many years, even by the nail salon I go to! Apparently keeping them polished helps to keep the natural oils in our nails, which in turn may be helpful in keeping them healthy and strong.
Solution: If keeping your nails polished all the time is too much of a task then at least try a quick-drying hardener. That’s what I do in between painting them.

Myth: Putting your nails in ice water will make them dry faster. FALSE ✘
Doing this will actually slow down the process.
Solution: If you’re in a hurry use a quick-drying polish, topcoat, or spray.

Myth: Sushi and shellfish can cause breakouts. FACT ✔
I had never even heard of this when I came across this fact. Apparently, due to their high iodine content, the above-listed culprits can cause breakouts and further irritate current ones.
Solution: Keep sushi and shellfish to a minimum when you are experiencing breakouts. If seafood is something you enjoy and you have problematic skin then try eating only farm-raised seafood, like farm-raised Catfish, Salmon, or Tilapia.

Myth: Skin that feels “squeaky” clean is healthy skin. FALSE ✘
Skin that has been stripped of all its oils using harsh detergents and cleansers is the opposite of healthy skin. Your skin needs these oils in order to maintain itself healthy and protect itself from outside irritants and elements.
Solution: Use mild cleansers with added moisture instead or consider looking into the Oil Cleansing Method (a quick google search on this can give you a ton of information). The oil cleansing method is exactly what I use to clean my face for the past 5 months. LOVE IT! I will never use a cleanser or harsh soap ever again!

Hope this information was helpful for you. If you know of any other beauty myths you’d like to share leave them in the comments below.

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