Beauty Uses for Coconut Oil

Beauty Uses for Coconut Oil

Hello Beauties! Today’s blog is full of Beauty Uses for Coconut Oil. I’m a professional skin therapist. I often see some misinformation out there regarding beauty tips. For example, some people use coconut oil as a moisturizer on their face. This is not the best choice because our face needs oil and water for skin health. Coconut oil would just coat the skin, but not hydrate it. Instead, I’m offering beauty uses for coconut oil that will benefit your hair and skin health, without over clogging your pores!

Beauty Uses for Coconut Oil

Beauty Uses for Coconut Oil

1. Shave your legs with coconut oil
It offers enough lubrication to protect against razor burn.

2.Moisturize your body (not face!) with coconut oil
It is so moisturizing and smells great. It’s also more natural. A lot of moisturizers have alcohols or other harsh ingredients that can actual strip your skin’s natural moisture barrier!

3. Remove Eye Makeup
This can even remove eyelash glue, waterproof mascara, etc. Wash your face with your favorite cleanser after.

4. Deep condition your hair
Apply a generous amount. Focus on your tips, and massage into your hair. Wear your hair in a top-knot over night and remove with a clarifying shampoo the next day!

5. Leave in hair treatment
Apply a tiny amount to your tips only to prevent split ends.

6. Better than Hair Gel
When wearing a pony tail, use a little bit of coconut oil instead of pomade or gel to smooth out your fly-aways and frizz. Pomades and hair gel often have alcohols that dry out your hair. Prevent the dry, crunchy, flakey pony tail. Opt for a smooth, pretty pony tail instead!

7. Moisturize your Cuticles with this at night
This will help prevent hang nails.

8. Rub this all over your feet to prevent callouses
Focus where you get especially dry skin. Put this on at night under socks for soft feet. Or apply a tiny bit before putting on your heels to prevent aching feet.

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