Benefits of Sage towards Hair and your Teeth

Herbs are known to be the age old remedies for many diseases and problems that take place in our bodies. With antiseptics lying around and artificial creams in the market, it is evident their uses are reduced to almost nothing, but still, there are some herbs that when used yield great results for our skin and body. Sage is used for many traditions and also during Thanksgiving.

Sage was commonly used as a medicinal option where it would help in stopping wounds from bleeding and also preventing infections. Sage was known for its gastric prevention properties too. Sage also keeps away insects when used in your personal gardens. Two of the highly talked about uses of Sage are how it keeps your hair from graying and how it whitens your teeth.

Sage for Your Hair:

Sage will work as a fairy for your hair if used in the correct way since it is known to stop the hair from graying. Sage intensifies the color of your hair, in turn, making it dark. After you have shampooed your hair, you can use it for washing your hair one final time. You can infuse the leaves in water and then use it after the shampoo is washed off, it will also make your hair shinier.

Another way of using sage for your hair is to use it as a lotion in order to make your hair more manageable and also to improve the texture of your hair. There are different preparations and mixtures that can be used for getting good results for your hair and one of them is:

  • Crush sage leaves and soak 3-4 tablespoons of it in half a liter of water. Let the leaves soak in the water for about 8-10 hours and then strain out the liquid from the leaves. Apply that as the last rinse after you have shampooed your hair. This will darken your hair, provide strength and also give it shine.

Sage for Your Teeth:

Sage works very effectively for clearing one’s dental issues. It can be used regularly as a mouthwash for treating diseases in the gums, infections in your throat, etc. If you are suffering from Cankers, then it is good to gargle with sage infused tea twice a day. If you cannot gargle, then you can also freeze the solution and then pop these cubes.

Using sage on longer terms can make your teeth whiter than normal and also brighter. You just have to rub the leaves against your teeth. You can also use the same tea infused with a sage solution as mouthwash on a daily basis for have better oral health. This will also provide you with an amazing breath!

With all this being said, it is important for us to note that we should always visit a doctor before we start using anything on our own. We should always be sure about the problems we have and what is the reason behind them. Above all, sage has proven to be a great remedy for your hair and teeth and feel free to try it out!

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