Best Hair Color for Every Eye Color

When choosing a new hair color, the best thing is to find a perfect match between your eyes color, your skin tone, and your facial traits. This index will help you determine exactly what hair color you need, is it in warm or cool colors. Also, the intensity of your eye color is affecting the intensity of your new hair dye.
For a perfect result, opt for a hair color that matches both your skin tone and eye color. An appropriate hair color emphasizes the eyes first, then directs the focus on your face, and together they make a perfect picture.

Examine your skin tone, this is imperative. You can find out what type of color your skin tone is by looking at your veins on your arms. If the veins have a greenish color, you’re warm, but if they are bluish, you’re cool.
Another way to determine your skin tone is by dressing in white and standing in front of a mirror in a room with natural light. If your face seems to be goldish, you’re warm, but if you have rosy cheeks, or a slightly reddish and bluish appearance, you’re cool.
After you discover your skin tone, read the tips below and find out the best hair colors to emphasize your eyes, suit your skin tone and create a perfect appearance.

Hair Color for Blue Eyes with Cool Skin Tone
When choosing the hair color, look for the words “cool” or “ash” on the package. Brown shades (but without red undertones), blondes and blacks should suit you. For an extra contrast, add subtle highlights of honey, wheat or ash shades.
Platinum to ash blonde hair emphasizes the depth of the blue eyes. Go to a professional if you want a color three shades lighter than your natural color.
An exquisite combination is black or dark chocolate brown hair, light skin, and piercing blue eyes.

Hair Color for Blue Eyes with Warm Skin Tone
When choosing the hair color, get one with the words “honey”, “gold”, or “beige” on the package. Golden blonde, dark golden brown, chestnut or auburn should be perfect for you. For a better effect, add cinnamon or red shades as highlights.
Bright red hair is emphasizing the blue eyes perfectly. Together they look fascinating, alive and enigmatic.
If your hair color is brunette and your skin tone is light, opt for copper brown or honey colors.

Light Brown Eyes with Light Skin
Good news for girls with light brown eyes and fair skin tone. There are a lot of options for this combination. Any color between light blonde to medium brown will look perfect. Cool hair colors can provide best results. In order to emphasize your light brown eyes use a medium brown color with blonde or light brown highlights. Thus, your hair will appear with more volume.

Light Brown Eyes with Medium and Dark Skin Tone
A perfect match for light brown eyes with dark to medium skin tones are the colors between medium blonde and medium brown. From my point of view, you will look better with warm colors. An excellent combination and look will be medium brown hair color with blonde highlights.

Dark Brown Eyes with Light Skin Tone
For dark brown eyes with fair skin tone, which is uncommon, a perfect match will be cool natural hair colors. You should only change the hair color by one or two shades because there is already contrast between the eyes and skin. Also, you can consider the tips mentioned for light brown eyes and light skin. But if you opt for a two-tone color hair, consider applying lowlights instead of highlights.

Dark Brown Eyes with Medium Dark Skin Tone
A good thing about this combination is that you can use both highlights and lowlights, cool and warm colors all the year round. A perfect match would be colors between dark brown and light brown or amber. In summer, you can dye your hair in cooler hair colors, but in winter, you can use warmer hair colors.

Dark Brown Eyes with Dark Skin Tone
Dark brown eyes and darker skin tone combine with darker hair colors. Perhaps such girls dream about having a lighter color, but trust me, you will look better with a hair color between dark brown and black. Your natural color is a perfect match for your eyes; they are emphasized without any effort. However, you can add some brown highlights but don’t exaggerate with these.

Best Hair Color for Hazel Eyes
There are a lot of options for people with hazel eyes. They can experiment with different colors and find the best match that will make their eyes stand out and complement the skin tone. Some people may look good with warm brown hair while the others with blonde hair. We can divide people with hazel eyes into the warm and cool category by their flecks in the iris: if the flecks are gold and brown, this means you are in the warm category, but if the flecks are white, gray or blue, you are in the cool category. Usually, the blonde hair highlights the lighter colors in hazel eyes. In contrast, brown hair emphasizes the brown, green, gold and gray flecks in the eyes. After examining closely your eyes, it will be easier to choose the perfect hair color.

Ideal Hair Colors for Green Eyes
People with olive skin and green eyes or warmer skin tones can surely dye their hair in bronze and caramel shades just a little bit darker than their skin tone. Some other combinations matching such people are burgundy and plum highlights added to brown, dark brown and black hair.
Deep toned chocolate brown shades are a perfect match for people with green eyes and tanned skin. Some people might like lighter colors like beige and champagne. In other words, brown shades from light to dark look good with green eyes and dark tanned skin.
Blonde or red, brown or black, all these combine with green eyes and fair skin. I think that red hair and green eyes will be the ideal combination. You can emphasize your eyes by dying your hair in blonde shades or by adding honey blonde highlights to your brown hair. You should avoid the following colors: auburn, gold or copper, because they will over focus on your skin tone.
As I could notice, green eyes combine perfectly with red hair. People with warm skin tone might try out the vibrant red, auburn or strawberry blonde colors. On the other hand, people with cool olive skin tone combine best with copper highlights or brown with red or caramel undertones.

Best Hair Color for People with Gray Eyes
Red tones, dark brown or black combine perfectly with gray eyes. Still, I would say that almost any hair dye will work fine with gray eyes because of their neutrality. Just remember, when looking for the perfect hair color, find the contrast between the eyes and skin tone.

Best Hair Color for every Eye Color

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