Best make-up for tired faces

A tired complexion is a dehydrated, dull, wrinkled skin. Many of us confront these problems because of pollution, excessive sun exposure, smoking and, not least, a chaotic lifestyle. There are treatments to revitalize tired skin and you can implement them right at home.

Often when we look in the mirror in the morning wondering why we have so pronounced dark circles or how we stuck with fine wrinkle around the eyes. We are dissatisfied with our faces, but hardly recognize that how we look depends on us. Or, sometimes we recognize, but we ignore the truth. For this, you should know how to outline and illuminate your face. You need two foundations, one in a lighter shade than your skin and one in a darker shade. Then you need a bronzer, illuminator and a blush. The latter will add extra freshness. First you need to apply a hydrating cream and an eye cream that will be used as the basis for concealer.

Apply a lighter foundation in the center of the face

First, apply small amounts of lighter foundation in the center of the forehead, the nose, the chin and the central area of the face, then apply a darker foundation to extremities: the line of the forehead, the cheeks and jaw line. If you want to create the impression of a smaller nose, you can apply a darker shade of foundation on the nose sides and also the nose lobe.

Even foundation

With a foundation brush stretch the foundation so that you get a uniform shade, practically make the switch between fund pale skin and the dark shades. To get the best results, try to stretch the foundation carefully so that you get a smooth transition from light to shadow.


If you woke up with eye bags, try using a gel instead of lifting cream – a secret is to keep this gel in the refrigerator, the ingredients will do wonders. Apply the concealer with your finger exactly on the eye basis from the inside corner to the outside with gentle moves. Do not forget the mobile eyelid, you will get such a great eye shadow base!


Apply the highlighter to the center of the face, in areas where the light would fall naturally: the center of the forehead, nose center, the center of cheeks and chin center. With a brush for blending, blur the two colors without unsightly mix them. You’ve finished the makeup for your tired face. After the highlighter the left thing to do is nothing but smile and apply blush on cheekbones to gain extra freshness. Now, your skin should be well outlined and defined, to attract light in the center line and distract from other imperfections.

Best Make-up For Tired Faces

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