How best to shave your intimate parts! Proven way

Hair removal in the intimate zone is a method used by most women at some point in life, therefore, in recent years the beauty industry has sought new delicate ways of epilation, so we get a treatment less painful and more long-term effective.

In the intimate are hair removal should be done with extreme caution and you should consider some things before, because there are some risks which will be discussed in detail in this article:
One of the most popular myths regarding hair removal is that it is not good to realize this process during menstruation. Experts say that there are certain times when you should not shave your bikini line, but rather moments in which you can do that with less suffering.
So most fertile days of the month are the less painful days to get rid of unwanted hair, because in this period the hormones increase your resistance to pain.

Intimate shaving:

The advantage of this method is that it’s the fastest way. The disadvantage is that hair begins to grow after a few days and as you use the razor more often, you’ll see how all begin to grow thicker under the skin. Recommendations: The device must use only on the bikini line because blades can pinch the skin areas, causing  cuts, infections and even the risk of genital herpes.

Moisturize your skin before shaving – the hair can be cut more easily if it is moist and supple. But excess ruin: excessive surface moisture will cause wrinkling skin hypersensitivity, which will aggravate the actual process of hair removal, and there is also the risk to cut yourself;
Use gel or shaving foam. Many of us are tempted to use the classic soap, but special products contain compounds whose property is to promote hydration to follicles (which will allow more effective the removal of hair) and also reduce the risk of dehydration;
After shaving, wait at least 30 minutes before applying cosmetics especially if it is a product that contains alcohol. The skin is very sensitive post hair removal and immediate action may cause irritation and intense burning or itching sensations;
If the situation allows, epilate in the evening, because the epidermis will regenerate during the night and  in the morning it will be perfectly smooth, without irritation.


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