Best Way to Clarify Hair

Hello Beauties! Today’s post is all about the best way to clarify hair without stripping color. As you all know, I am a professional skin therapist. Guess what? There’s skin underneath all that hair… on your scalp. In beauty school, I learned about scalp treatments. I’m so excited to share all of my insider tips with you all today.

Best Way to Clarify Hair

We all need to clarify in order to deep clean the build-up that accumulates on our scalp. Sweat, oils, dandruff, hair products. That all builds upon the skin of the scalp. So today’s blog includes my recommendations for how to clarify your scalp. A healthy scalp equals healthy hair!

I’ve tried this combination on my own hair and WOW! It’s so easy. Two steps.

Step One: Precleanse
Precleanse is an oil-based cleanser. The good oils in this cleanser will attract the bad oils on your scalp. Oil attracts oil. You would put this oil-cleanser on dry dirty hair, before getting in the shower. Put it right on the scalp to attract the buildup. You can even put it on your ends to nourish dry tips. Work it in and let it sit for at least 10 mins. Wash it out in the shower. When you add water, it will emulsify (foam up) and rinse clean with no oily residue. How amazing is that!

Step Two: Clearing Skin Wash
Clearing Skin Wash is a sulfate-free cleanser that has tea tree oil and salicylic acid. Sulfate-free means it won’t strip your hair color! The tea tree oil is antibacterial and helps with dandruff. Salicylic Acid also helps with itchy scalp and scalp build-up. It’s a gentle exfoliation for your scalp that won’t damage your hair!!

You can find both products at Ulta.

I dye my hair red. My scalp needs clarification bad. I sweat so much at the gym. Do you know that there is no color-safe clarifying shampoo? This combination, however, has my hair on the right track without striping my color. Its finally healthy. It is no longer itchy or flakey. Let me know how this works out for you all in the comments. Until next time. Be beauty!

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