Best Way to Moisturize Face

Hello beauties! Today’s post is all about the best way to moisturize the skin on your face. As you all may or may not know, I’m a Los Angeles Esthetician. I work at a spa and see several clients a day. Seeing so many people, it’s dawned upon me. Some of us just aren’t moisturizing properly! So here are some pro tips for you all from your favorite esthetician.

Best Way to Moisturize Face

Our face is so very important. We must treat it with care. Leaning on our face, rubbing our face–it all leads to unnecessary premature aging. Not moisturizing properly can also lead to early wrinkles. Remember, the best way to fight aging is to prevent it before it happens. So here are the pro tips, as promised.

Always moisturize. Even if you’re oily, you should be moisturizing every night. If you’re dry, a heavier moisturizer is best. If you’re oily, a light water-based moisturizer or serum is ideal.

Use Upward Strokes when moisturizing. Be gentle. Don’t tug the skin. And don’t pull down on it. This will cause it to lose elasticity and sag faster! Always go up. This will help your face fight gravity in the long run.

It’s More Than Just The Face. Don’t forget to moisturize your neck, chest, and hands. As they taught me in beauty school, any cream that can go on your face can go on your neck, chest and hands. Who wants a flawless face, with a saggy neck? No one!

Bonus Tip. When you moisturize at night, it’s important to sleep on your back. After all, if you sleep on your face right after moisturizing, you’ll smear that cream all over your pillow. What a waste!

There you have it beauties! Easy pro tips on the best way to moisturize your face.  Until next time. Be beautiful!

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