Bikini Hair Removal. How Men Imagine the Proper Look of a Woman`s Intimate Zone

Women opt for a variety of hair removal styles, from classic bikini hair removal that follows the line of the underwear, to the Brazilian one that doesn`t leave hair on the intimate zone at all. Have you ever wondered what men believe about the aspect of a woman`s intimate zone?

If you are looking for a new way of bikini hair removal, you can bring innovation into your removal routine, by reading the following lines that will definitely help you.

If your sexual intercourses with your man have become monotone, this is the right moment to impress your partner with something new – and the first thing you could do is give him more pleasure in the bedroom, by opting for a new bikini hair removal style. He will definitely be impressed and feel that he wants you exactly as he did at your first dates.

Waxing in the pubic area had ceased, for years, to be a simple habit practiced by women working in the porn industry; it is a practice becoming more widespread during summer and winter as well for all representatives of fair sex.

For many years, household women believed that hair removal is specific to `easy` women. In time, both for aesthetic reasons and thinking about the pleasure of men, more women chose to have their public area waxed. In recent years, Brazilian waxing, meaning total hair removal took the place of classic bikini line waxing.

Even more than that, the triangle of hair left on the pubis is not the only look required by women from therapists to perform; a lot of customers are asking all sorts of public hair trimmer models that originate from Playboy stars.

In all this evolution of pubic style, men`s opinions was less significant. A study recently performed at Hollywood on which participated more than one hundred men presents however men`s preferences in terms of pubic hair at women. Nads Company that sells hair removal products ordered the study of which results had been surprising.

According to this study, the most common pubic style is the triangle or the strip one that leaves a little bit of hair on the woman`s pubic area. After this however comes hair removal in Brazilian style, at a very small distance that consists of removing pubic hair entirely, from the pubis of the labia to between the buttocks.

What men prefer? Well, the study shows that 43% of men prefer a more natural aspect of the female pubis. Natural however doesn`t mean unshaved, but waxed only on the bikini line and perhaps, cut hair so that their length would not be disturbing during intimate moments.

Only 17% of men declared being delighted by Brazilian hair removal style, while 15% said that they enjoy viewing unique models of pubic hair.

No matter how would it be, the conclusion of the study is that men prefer that the woman has a little bit of hair on the intimate zone.

Bikini Hair Removal. How Men Imagine the Proper Look of a Woman`s Intimate Zone

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