Body acne and treatments

Everybody talks and gives solutions for acne, but it’s usually face acne. I’m not saying body acne is a completely another thing, but there are for sure a few differences between these 2. The skin on your body is usually more covered than your face (therefore the reasons that lead to acne might be a bit different) and also the affected areas are usually bigger – making it difficult to use that awesome BHA exfoliant that only has 100 ml and that costs at least 30$.

Fortunately, there are also some homemade recipes for body acne that totally work. The first one is something like the equivalent of BHA (which is amazing for any kind of acne, because it clears the pores from inside out). This treatment is based on Salicylic Acid, or, to be more exact, on Aspirin.

Crush 6 aspirins, add one tablespoon of honey (especially if you also have fresh scars) and apply it as a mask on clear skin. Leave it for 20 minutes and then rinse well. You could do this 2 times per week as an area treatment.

Another treatment with Aspirins is actually a homemade toner: mix 90 ml (3 oz) of apple distilled mineral water with 15 ml (0.5oz) apple vinegar. Crush 5 aspirins and stir them into the liquid until they dissolve. Use this liquid with a cotton pad over the affected area every day.

If you feel your skin irritated, skip this treatment and try to stir the crushed aspirin in 100 ml chamomile tea. This will be very gentle on your skin, but still effective.

Now, of course, if you only use area treatments you might end up with very dry skin and that does not benefit you at all. Therefore, from time to time it is better if you choose a spot treatment. For this, the perfect ingredient is tea tree oil. If you’re on the move, just dab it directly on the spots. If you can stay at home and wait, crush an aspirin and mix it with tea tree oil. Dab on the zits and leave it until it is completely dry.

From time to time try to also apply some ale vera gel. It had healing properties and it is also an ingredient that fights acne because it kills the bacteria that forms inside the zits.

Try to mix and match the treatments that I told you about to best suit your skin sensitivity and don’t bring them all into your routine at once. Rather, try them once every few days and see which one is better for you.

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