7 Bold reasons to stop wearing make-up

We are told every day what makeup to wear, how to wear them and what we get if we resort to them. We cross the street and see women wearing make-up, some more some less, we see daily advertisements or billboards with women arranged from head to toe and we cram that makeup is a kind of duty of every woman. And so we come to believe that makeup is the secret ingredient of beauty.

Long black and curved eyelashes, bloody lips seemingly waiting to be kissed cheeks slightly pink, all these elements are, in our opinion, some key effects  must we must get before leaving the house.

Even more, in recent years it has become more ‘fashionable’ natural makeup that looks as if you had not used anything. So we sit in front of the mirror for half an hour working on a makeup that looks as if it isn’t. What fashion magazines don’t tell us is that make-up is not something mandatory, a ‘must’, but rather an option, something you do because you want. As there are a lot of reasons why you are advised to makeup there are reasons why it’s better not to use makeup:

1.It takes a lot of time
No more wasting time in front of the mirror every morning, so can you lie in bed for 20 minutes. And we all know how sweet morning sleep is.

2.Makeup products are expensive.
If you want a good product then you have to be willing to fork out a tidy sum from your wallet. If we think that the product in question is quite small so we need to replace it, then costs increase. And with the start of each season new trends arise that require new investments.

3. Because, whatever you do, you still don’t look like the girl in the ad.
Each product promises you a miracle and the example you put forward. Yet your eyelashes do not become as long as hers after using the mascara  and lipstick resistance unbelievable that makes your lips look incredibly appealing do not stay on the lips more than a few hours. It stretches or simply disappears.

4. It ages your skin
It’s pretty ironic that the make-up which promises a flawless complexion and an enviable face manage to have opposite results in long term. The chemical compounds they contain contribute to wrinkles. The complexion gets dull thus gaining an unpleasant aspect. After a prolonged daily use only, you will find that you can no longer leave the house without makeup because your skin has lost its glow and tone.

5. Makeup can make you look more mature than you are.
If you want to convince you walk, pas near a school around the time when the program has finished. Half of the girls who will come out from classes will look much older than their ages.

6. You do not want to be appreciated for the layer of makeup on your face but for your personality.
Of course we like to be beautiful but too much attention paid to this aspect, to a perfect look will always make others believe that you’re superficial. And for people whose opinion we care about the superficiality remains a negative trait

7. It blocks your pores
The makeup mask prevents the skin to breathe properly. In addition, products can clog pores encouraging acne. Some products such as foundations have an oily base that can do more harm than good.

7 Bold Reasons To Stop Wearing Make-up

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