Boost your Lips Naturally with Homemade Balm

Not every woman has full and bulky lips, but fortunately there are a few tricks that help you to boost your lips. For a lip balm that could provide you the effect of naturally fuller lips, mix one tablespoon of palm tree oil, 10 drops of rose essential oil and one teaspoon edge of chopped ginger. Used on a daily basis, this mixture improves the blood circulation in your lips; it hydrates them as well as maintains their health.

This was the homemade recipe for your natural lip balm to use every day. However, there are other natural methods that could help you to boost your lips as well, so become familiar with more of them! Boosting your lips naturally has certain limits, just like every other natural method. But the results could be satisfying for everyone.

Massage for boosting your lips

Massage for boosting your lips should be performed every morning. You will use the above described lip balm when performing the massage on your lips. Massage your lips gently from the left to their right side, leaving them soft. Massage your lips extensively until they become slightly pink – this is the sign that you have increased local blood flow. Then extend your lips forward just like when you want to kiss someone. Let your lips slightly soft and massage them with vertical movements for 1 to 2 minutes. Then relax your lips.

Exercises for boosting your lips

  1. Exercises for boosting your lips are recommended on a daily basis, in the morning or in the evening. Send your lips slightly forward, just like when you would kiss someone. Maintain them for 15 seconds, and then gently relax your muscles. At the beginning, repeat this exercise 5 times and then every week increase with 5 times, until you get to 20 consecutive repeats.
  2. The second exercise is as following: extend your lips forward, just like when you would blow the candle. Then try to widely open your mouth by maintaining your lips ahead. Gently come back to the initial position and repeat this exercise. Do 20 repeats.
  3. There is a third exercise as well for boosting your lips. Gently repeat the following letters: A, E, O and U. Repeat this combination 10 times.

In order to obtain faster and better results in terms of boosting your lips naturally, it is recommended that you simultaneously practice all of the above described methods (the natural homemade lip balm and the 3 lip boosting exercises). Your lip boosting also depends on your conformation quite a lot. The results of the described natural methods described in this article for boosting your lips are anyway limited. If you wish to double the actual size of your lips, you will have to opt for the augmenting tools. However, if you feel that you could be satisfied about the limited results that these natural lip boosting methods could provide to you, it is better to forget about expensive and risky surgeries that you could regret during your entire life.

Boost your Lips Naturally with Homemade Balm

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