Bridal make-up – Do’s and Don’ts

Because bridal make-up is an important step on such a big day: either works out or spoil the whole wedding, I thought to write a bit about the subject either you go to a Make-Up Artist for make–up or choose to make your own bridal makeup.

If you go to a Make-Up Artist:
1. Do not skip the part with trying the right makeup. This test is useful both for Make-Up Artist and to you. In this way you can see if reflects your personality and highlights your features. It can happen to skip this part and get up on the wedding day with a makeup that she doesn’t like,  and she does not have time to find another Make-Up Artist.
2. Try more Make-Up Artists. Even if you find a Make-Up Artist others who know from experience that does a great job, it’s possible not to like the final result. Take a deep breath and look for a Make-Up Artist to surprise you with that makeup, exactly how you want to look on your wedding day.
3. Talk openly with Make-Up Artist. A relationship with a Make-Up Artist is primarily a relationship of communication and respect. If there’s something you do not like, it is better to tell, as much diplomatic as possible, what bothers you or offer her/him suggestions on how you want to look. As you talk more about your nature, what you want to look and how the wedding dress looks like, the better for make-up artist.
4.  Do not ask a makeup artist to do a make-up that you saw in a picture. Even if you saw on Pinterest a makeup that you like very much, that does not mean the makeup artist will be able to do the make-up. Because he takes into account the type of corrections you need.

If you choose to do your own make-up:
1. Do not skip makeup base. If you choose to make-up yourself on your wedding day, try to use a primer for face and foundation that evens skin and will look good in pictures and resist all day to heat, dancing and kisses.
2. Try the make-up first  and take some pictures on daylight. Because you do not want to be unprepared for the big day, take a makeup test and also take some pictures in daylight. How are the pictures? Do you like it? If not, now is the time to adjust your makeup so it can be what you wish on your wedding day. Also it could be a test of sweat-proof. It lasted until evening? If no, it’s time to buy other makeup products that guarantee its resistance.
3. Do not go too dramatic. Except mascara skip the black color for eye makeup, which for many people is too harsh. You can create a much nicer make-up with other colors that will create a soft and glamorous look. Try better colors as: brown, gray, blue or even purple.
4. Do not forget the eyebrows. Eyebrows can change the entire look of the face. Besides going to a professional styling, before the wedding, try to define them with a brow powder. Follow the natural shape of the brow with brow shadow in the shade of your hair color.
5. Don’t follow the trends. If current trends in make-up, don’t suits you, do not go in that direction. Better a simple and beautiful makeup than one complex that doesn’t make you look better. Focus on the most important elements of your look: complexion- beautiful and natural, beautiful eyebrows and eyelashes. If you focus on these elements, the makeup will look good anyway.
6. Use colors in makeup. Makeup should have enough color to compensate the white color of the dress. There is a difference between everyday clothes and wedding dress; as it should be the makeup. Start by making sure that the skin looks smoother (no unsightly pores are seen in photos) and gradually add color to cheeks and lips.

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