Checklist for a perfect haircut

Well-groomed and healthy hair is the basis for a perfect hairstyle! Such a hairstyle can be transformed using a special technique of drying or using a dryer performance. A perfect haircut is well proportioned and hair looks great and feels good. A good haircut is suitable for any occasion. The haircut should be easy to maintain, and the hair has to look good in its natural state before being styled.

Dissatisfaction with a haircut hairstyle may be linked to itself than the actual haircut. Remember: if your hairstylist stood 45 minutes to finish the hairstyle, there is a risk is that you cannot recreate it at home. What’s the best way to recognize a good hair clipper? It’s easy to style even in 6 weeks after the haircut.

How to choose a good haircut

Determining your face shape is the first step in choosing a haircut. If you have a prominent nose, the focus must fall on the hair volume. If you have double chin, choose something that is shorter behind and longer in the front. If you a long face, try a haircut and a hairstyle that is above the chin. If you have long chin, and prominent nose, avoid using hair accessories.

How to avoid inappropriate hairstyles

Choose only a stylist who you know. Don’t go to another stylist on a whim. You may go with someone. Discuss it with your stylist. If you go to a stylist for the first time, show him some pictures of previous haircuts. Bring pictures of celebrities whose style you like.

How to hide the ugly haircuts

If the strands are too short, cut them even more. Use hair gel to highlight this style. If you do not like short hair, use mousse or gel on wet hair and dry it from the bottom to give it volume. Play with your fingers through your hair to change your hairstyle profile. If you do not like the classic haircut, then create the movement impression.

Hair Texture

You have to keep in mind your hair texture when choosing your hairstyle. For example, if your hair is greasy and lacks vitality, you should choose short haircuts and add volume to your hairstyle.

If you have curly hair with thick thread, you should consider how you can “tame”; thus the best long you will stay with him and spun – Avoid lines in your haircuts. Hair with split ends does not look good in any situation, so cut your ends once a month.


Most women do not give importance to the type of bangs that they choose. But you should know that a narrow forehead bangs do not look good at all – opt for one commencing from the top of your head to create the stretching sensation. If your forehead is a little wide, choose a one side bang.

If you think your hairstylist didn’t understand well what you have explained to him, you should say it one more time. Don’t be afraid to communicate. It’s about your rules. You pay for the haircut so make sure you won’t scream at him in the end. Talk to him every time he cuts your hair.

Checklist for a perfect haircut

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