Choose Your Hair Color According to Your Complexion

Choosing a fresh hair color
It is not that easy to find a hair color that will emphasize and combine with your skin tone and eye color. I used to think that I simply have to pick out a color that I like, and it will totally change my appearance. And it did change, but not in the best way. Some hair dyes I chose were making my skin seem pale, and my eyes look tired. But the color that suits you best will make your skin radiate and your eyes shine. Read the tips below and find out how to choose the ideal hair color without any problems.

Your natural hair color
Your natural hair color is a blessing, think about it when choosing a new hair dye. The best option is to alter the natural color by a shade or two lighter or darker. It will be easier for you to maintain and the roots won’t be that visible. Also, you can find out how hard it will be for you to dye your hair. Very dark hair is hard to lighten but easier to dye in low lights and red tones. Red hair is harder to lighten and probably it will have to be colored twice for the red to fade away. Medium brown hair is easier to color, but tones like red and orange may come out when bleaching. Blonde hair is easier to color in lighter shades but, also, it can be easier to damage.

Skin tone
First of all, you need to establish what is your skin tone, is it warm-toned, cool-toned, or neutral skin tone. Your veins might help you determine that. If your veins on your arms are bluish, then you are cool, but if your veins are greenish, that means that you are warm-toned. Neutral skin tone is characterized by both types of veins at once or somewhere in between. Down below are listed the colors combining with each skin tone.

Warm skin tones
If your skin is warm-toned, it will be best to use warm hair colors. A warm golden blonde will perfectly combine with the light skin. A warm brown will look fantastic in combination with a darker skin tone. Girls with medium skin tone may use a shade of copper, which will emphasize whit your lovely face. The good news for red color lovers, this dye combines perfectly with any skin tone. However, avoid colors like Ash and colors with blue and purple shades.

Cool skin tones
If you are cool-toned, opt for cool hair colors. With light skin will perfectly combine ash blonde. With darker skin will ideally blend red colors with blue scents or burgundy. In case your skin tone is medium, you can use a lighter or darker cool shade, but either way, try to stay close to your natural color. You should better avoid colors with yellow, orange and reddish hues.

Neutral skin tones
Girls with a neutral skin tone can dye their hair either in warm golden or deep burgundy. Either way will look fantastic on them. Your ideal hair color has to emphasize your eyes and complete the whole appearance. Although you can choose from a vast range of colors, keep it natural and choose a few shades darker or lighter than your natural hair color.

Eye color
Choose your suitable hair dye considering your eye color. The hair color should only emphasize whit your natural facial beauty, focusing the attention on your eyes.
Blue eyes
Warm skin tone and blue eyes
The following colors – golden browns, honey blondes, and chestnut browns – are a perfect match for blue-eyed girls.
Cool skin tone and blue eyes
Colors that emphasize the blue eyes in case of cool skin tone are platinum blonde, auburn, and burgundy.
Green eyes
Warm skin tone and green eyes
I noticed that red hair looks wonderful with green eyes. Colors like auburn, strawberry blonde, brown color with red shades, and even black look fabulous combined with warm skin tone and green eyes.
Cool skin tone and green eyes
For cool skin tone, I can recommend the following hair colors: copper, platinum blonde, or golden blonde, dark shades of brown or black. All the following dyes look marvelous with green eyes, and they are really standing out.
Brown eyes
Warm skin tone and brown eyes
A perfect match for this skin tone and eye color is the dark brown color. Deep red is another option that should be considered. Brown eyes combine the best with dark rich colors.
Cool skin tone and brown eyes
For this skin tone and eye combination, a perfect match would be both dark browns and lighter browns like honey or colors with blonde shades.
Hazel eyes
Warm skin tone and hazel eyes
Everything depends on the colors that you may want to bring out in your eyes. Brown or a rusty color will bring out golden shades. Red colors bring out green shades in your eyes. Having hazel eyes gives you more room to play with colors. Using warm colors and whatever colors bring out your preferred color in your eyes.
Cool skin tone and hazel eyes
Blondes and brunettes with light brown hair look awesome. The number of colors you can play with is great when you have hazel eyes. Reds look exceptionally beautiful but try a more mellow shade, anything too vibrant could wash you out. Use the colors advised for cool-toned skin and find out what brings out your favorite colors in your eyes.

Face shape and highlights
Highlighting the hair makes a significant difference in your appearance. Highlights can add depth texture. To place highlights correctly, you must find out what type of face you have.
Square faces
To get “around” this problem, distribute the highlights evenly throughout your hair or make thicker and bigger streaks framing your face.
Round faces
Lowlights look great with this type of face shape. To compensate for the roundness put low lights on the top half of your hair. If you want to use highlights try just to highlight the ends or maybe only the lower half. As a result, your face will get visually elongated.
Long faces
Lightening the top and the bottom of a face makes an elongated face appear shorter and a lot less narrow.
Heart shaped faces
This is a difficult one. Especially when trying to highlight the area near the chin to keep it from appearing too narrow. Lowlights look awesome, too, but keep away from the chin area when low lighting a heart-shaped face.
Highlighting with the right colors
When highlighting, always keep in mind to use colors that match well with the overall color.

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